Sunday, March 30, 2008

How'z my new template?????

Hi folks, been away from blogs for a couple of days. Today, when I returned, I seriously felt the need for a makeover for my blog template. Searched and searched till I found this cute template(courtesy finalsense). I thought this template will suit my innocent(shit, I hate to use this word) blabbers. Would like to have some feedback about this makeover..... Thanks for dropping by.


Krishna Kumar said...

First thing i noticed before reading your new article...was ur new blog template...looking so simple and awesome...and it is looking eye friendly...!!

Sree said...

it is true, eye friendly and good :).. template bagundi.. but sincere opinion cheptunna Satish, it looks more of a momma-baby or baby or a girly template because blog content deals with everything and anything, okasari alochinchu..

but no doubt, it is a lovely blog template, and choosing is shows the sensitive side of you..

Kalpana said...

koththa template baagundi...

Solitaire said...

innocent blabbers? haha! yeah suits it.

Deepti said...

Cool template
You absolutely have no idea how much I envy you!!! hey do send in the pictures :) You can even do the write up live :D
I'll post it as a guest blog :D
So which team do you support?

Apple said...

Baavundi Sathi...Simple n Cute...but as sush said it looks a bit girly..

Anonymous said...

i think iyts beeter man than the previous one.. gr8 wrk

c e e d y said...

This is nice - but innocent - hmmmm

Srujana said...

It was the first template I came across when I started my blog and immediately took it....I had it for many days....though it is irresistably cute I changed it once I started posting some serious matters instead of just daily blabbers :)....okasaari naa page open chesinattu anipinchindi :) ....very beautiful template....

But agreeing with the doesn´t fit to a guys blog...

Keshi said...

lookin good n smelling fresh!


Anonymous said... looks more like sme Mom's blog template :)

of courzz itzz cute :))

innocent????? dint knw that :P

Cinderella. said...

I like it !

Satish Bolla said...

even i thought the same but...

antha mee valle..... :(


u made my heart break into tukda-tukda

even my office r havin the same feelings as u. my chances to go to the race r 50-50 now.... :(
ma a team ferrari fan frm the beginning

abbayilaki pillanate ishtam undakudadhaa???? anyways maarchesthunna

thanx mate. but had to change it again because of the girly look(as some ladies commented as such)

ain't i?


when did blogs start to smell???

updating to another template. but ain't i innocent? why do all the people have doubt only in that?


Anonymous said...

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