Sunday, March 23, 2008

A to Z tag

These days, I can think of nothing to update my blog. So thought of hand-picking a couple of popular tags. One of them is the popular A to Z tags. Find my writeup below.

A - Aamir Khan.
The only contemporary actor in India whom I adore.

B - Birthdays.
I never knew when this interest started for me, but even now, I call all my friends on their respective birthdays to wish them.

C – Chocolates
My sincere thanks to the person who invented them and made my life easy. I always have lots of these in my fridge and even yesterday when I went for window shopping with a friend, I bought Dairy Milk fruit & nuts, M & M’s and cookies with chocolate chips.

D – Drives
This is the perfect stress buster. I love going on long drives but I prefer bikes to cars, though.

E – Enthusiasm
I always have this nag to learn new things, whether useful or not.

F – Family and Friends
I can never live without these people. A majority of my salary is spent in International calls only…. :(

G – Gadgets
I always had this small interest on the latest gadgets and I take pride in what I flaunt.

H – History
I love to read this in a peaceful environment. I feel just as if I was on a time machine(that too for free).

I – Independence
I feel living life is purely different than living it independently. I just love my independence. Right now, I’m staying alone in my flat too.

J – Jokes
I love these particularly, if they are cracked with a good timing. My chest always expands a couple of inches whenever I hear people say that I’m having a great sense of humour.

K – Kids
I had a lot of kids as friends. The fact that there is no impurity in their hearts makes their company more desirable than that of grownups, at least for me.

L – Love
This is something which I always crave for and which I always got in meagre quantities.

M – Money
I hate this THING as much as I can but still I feel that without this, we can never get recognition in life. This THING has replaced the importance of RELATIONS in many hearts.

N – Neo
Love this character from the Matrix trilogy

O – Old age.
Somehow, I’m scared of this. Maybe, this is because of the bitter truth that we had to depend on others for something or the other, in this age. This completely contradicts the above “I for Independence”.

P – Politeness
I was asked by many friends about how I can be so polite even to the rudest of the people. Maybe this is mantra for success.

Q – Can’t decide anything abt this letter.

R – Rajesh and Hema Srinivas
These are the two people who were always with right from my 9th class. We studied together only for two years in school and were living far from each other. We never had any differences between us which made many people envy our friendship.

S – Sonali Bendre
She’s one girl/woman, whom I believe to be the perfect. I simple love her (don’t ask me the reasons why).

T – Travel
Love this lot. Always had this nag to see new places and experience new customs. Got to cover at least a dozen countries in the next few years

U – Unique
This is what I like to see in people: their own uniqueness.

V – Villages
I simple love these places for their simplicity. I always cherish all those moments spent in my grand parents’ place. My idea of a dream vacation is to visit the European country sides.

W – Whisky
I just love this one, if taken in proper quantities. There are some “g”lassmates of mine who like some others like brandy, beer etc but my vote is always for this.

X – Xinthe
Don’t ask me the meaning of this but this is the Indian company which I’m representing here in Bahrain.

Y – You
I wish to thank “you” all for giving me the required support to keep myself happy and content with the life at Bloggerville.

Z – Zombie
Most of the times, nowadays, I’m living the life of a zombie in many aspects. Mainly, office life has been something like this as I’m not getting the much needed interest in work. But forget about the life as a zombie, I like watching films involving zombies as you can laugh your hearts out because of some of those stupid scenes.

Anyone who's interested ccan take up this blog. I don't like to tag others and become a victim of their anger... ;)


Apple said...

hayy hayy...nenu chestha ee tag..nenu chestha..kakapothe naaku em thochanappudu chestha..ippudu nenu busy :D

Sree said...

eppudo tikka puttinappudu nenu kooda chesta :)... good insight into you.

Keshi said...

I like that ur a Zombie too :)

**I hate this THING as much as I can but still I feel that without this, we can never get recognition in life.

bah! :) As much as we need money, its the very THING that can break ppl up or even drive ppl crazy. So beware my dear friend..just earn enough to survive..that'll do.

Nicely done tag.


Satish Bolla said...

take ur own time

antey, thikka unna vaalle ee tag raayagalaraa?

if i earn jus the money needed for my survival, won't i b dependent on others in my final years?