Monday, March 17, 2008

And now a shit story....

Hey, wait. Don't give my blog that disgusting look. This is just about my li'l aquarium. And in the end, I need some suggestions too.
Pets were never a part of my life. But I've this soft corner for an aquarium for quite sometime. Having decided to buy one last month, I was lazy enough to postpone it all these days. Finally last week, I bought a small one with two gold-fish and two unknown fish. You can see that in the picture above.
When I bought the so-called aquarium, the guy told me that if I buy an air-pump, I need not change the water for some 15 days. Otherwise, I have to change the water every day. For me, this sounded like a warning rather than a suggestion. So I bought one immediately. The guy at the shop also suggested me to feed the fish only once a day.
So far, so good. Being a kind person(really??), I started feeding the fish twice a day with some fish food available in the market. After two days, I found that the colour of water changed and the water looked as if it's freshly brought from a sewer. It's the same next day too. I thought that something might be wrong with the food. But now, the water is changing colour in a few hours itself. So my mission last weekend, was to observe this change closely.
It was then that I recognized, to my horror, that my fish are shitting too much and this is causing the colour to change soon. I observed this for a couple of days more(spending lots of hours in front of this aquarium) and found the same reason. Now, can anyone suggest me a better way to keep my aquarium clean, other than suggesting me to take the fish to the rest room and say "Ok, my dear fish. Now that I've closed my eyes, you can shit."??????????


Apple said...

Hahaha...sathi..nice observation...naaku idea ledu :(...

Mez said...


Sree said...


actually feed the fish only the amount they can eat.. indigestion vaatiki kooda untundi ;).. inta bulli fish bowlki air pump actually avasaram ledu.. try putting some marbles or colored pebbles in the bowl so whenever the fish does potty the goo settles at the bottom :).. 3 fish in such a small bowl antey I am not able to figure out the dimensions from the pic.. check that out too..

Srujana said...

Hhahhahaha this sounds quite younger sister has an aquarium...roadlo pillalandaru visiting ki vachi memu food vestham vestham ani..rojantha mepevaaru and imagine :D:D:D
What Sree said is right feed just the exact quantity...once a day is enough but if you want to feed twice then do it in small amounts.....and yaa get some pebbles as said (needi bowl aquarium kadaa..I dont know how they will look)..but try a thin layer at the bottom and plant a natural twig if possible...that also helps :):):) have fun...

Satish Bolla said...

I observed like a sniper waiting for his would-be victim

thanx for droppin by. btw, wht's up with ur blog? can u allow me to access that?

now, i started feeding them only once a day. the amount of shit also seemed to reduce now. even i thought abt the marbles but it would make my life more tough as i had to clean the marbles also.... :(

lemme find out twigs in this desert.... :(