Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Last evening, after reaching my flat after office, I was watching various news channels as I’ve been busy in office and didn’t find time to check out the headlines on Internet. There was one news, on the channel that I hate most (Star News), which scared me a little. I was shell shocked by that news.
The news was about an infant’s death in New Delhi. Though the news seems to be just another one of that kind, you’ll be definitely moved if you read this completely. A laborer admitted his wife into a maternity ward of some hospital. She gave birth to a girl but the girl was too weak to be treated as a normal child. So the doctors told the parents that the girl needs to be kept in incubator for some days. The parents agreed and the girl was kept in the incubator. All’s well until day 5.
That day, the girl’s mother heard the girl crying and went to the room where the girl was kept. She saw that the on-duty nurse was sleeping outside the room and woke her up. When briefed about the cries, the nurse replied that this is common for children as they find it difficult to cope up with the varying temperatures in the incubator and dismissed the mother’s fears and didn’t even let her enter the room and slept again. This happened a couple of times more in a short span. Then someone noticed smoke coming out of the room and entered the room. It was then that the truth came out. The baby is dead. Somehow the temperature of the incubator increased and the baby was burnt alive. The nurse who was on-duty didn’t even care to have a look when the baby was crying for a long time. The duty doctor was no-where to be seen. A couple of tears escaped from my eyes when they channel was interviewing the girls’ father.
Now, who should be blamed for this incident/accident? The mother for not pestering the nurse to open the door or the nurse for sleeping on duty or the doctor for not being available during the duty hours or the manufacturers of the incubator for not taking proper security measures? But whomever you blame, we’ll not get the innocent child back.

Well, this an addition to the post. I just read the news about this incident on net. This is a bit different than the one I heard on TV. Click here to read it.


Apple said... roju poddunna NDTV lo choosanu ee news.....Nurse ni nariki pogulu pettalanipinchindi...

Krishna Kumar said...

ippudu evarni blame chesina tirigi aa papa radu ga...kaani idi inka repeat cheyakynda undochu...i think God created that baby to give a practical example of irresponsibleness...ala anukoni convince avvalsinde...!!

Sree said...

matalu ratledu Satish :((

c e e d y said...

this is really sad..

what a juxtaposition of are so right - whom do you blame - hope it opens their eyes specially the professionals to be more careful.