Monday, March 17, 2008

Hunting Party

Saw this movie last night. This dialogue reminded me of some interview, with a war journalist, which I read long back.
A cameraman of a journalist reporting war says this about his work: "Being this close to death and being this alive, is completely addictive".
After hearing this, I wanted to become a war journo


Apple said...

Addiction sangathi devudikeruka..antha daggaraga situation face chesthe nenayithe gunde aagi bucket thannestha

Sree said...

i totally agree with it.. aa adrenaline rushey different kada.. i mean that kind of kick it gives

Satish Bolla said...

neeke ila untey paapam, memantha ela untunnamo nee dhaggara... ;)

war games aaduthuntene adhoka rakamina sudden spurt of adrenalin. alaantidhi, inka nijam war aithe keka.