Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Defamation of thy soul

Last weekend, the Telugu Kala Samithi(TKS) people organized a picnic to the Hawar islands. I already visited that place a couple of months back but that was a like a bachelor getaway(check here for my earlier post). This time, it was a family hangout and around 80 people turned up for the picnic.

What we did there was almost the same as we did in the last outing. the same jet-skis, the same quad bikes and the same cricket. But this time, there was a major twist in the tale....
This time, we took lots n lots of alcohol with us. As the night unfolded with its full glory, we started the spiritualism. I don't remember what happened after that as I'm too drunk n too tired, except some vague images of me dancing with a few others.
The next morning, I had a very bad hangover and somehow it vanished because of the sudden rush of adrenalin as soon as I sat on a Quad bike. I had a great time on the quad bike n jet-skis due to my dadagiri there(everyone else was a novice there).

(I'm riding the jet-ski. You can't see me clearly b'coz of the amount of zoom used while taking this pic)

We returned back to Bahrain that night and directly went to watch the "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of Crystal Skull". It was okie.
So far so good. The next day morning, I went to my project manager's house and then he gave me a couple of jitters. First one, he called me while I was drinking and I uttered a couple of obscene words to him about the movie they were playing at the beach on a projector. But he didn't feel much as we are pretty close to each other. The next one, a friend of him who came to the picnic called him and informed him that he saw a different Satish altogether and he never expected me to be like that.
I was shell shocked as I don't remember anything, even my manager's call. I thought that he was being funny but when I checked my call log there was a call from late that night!!!! And I checked out with a few non-drinkers who were on the picnic and gathered bits n pieces of information that I did dance like an item girl(no, not Rakhee Sawant. I hate her). And also, in front of some ladies, I did talk in some vulgar language(not to them but to the drunkards around me). Still, I'm bent on gathering the real thing that happened that night. But believe me, I still can't recollect anything.
So here ends the story of Satish as a faithful, calm and fun-loving guy(not everywhere. Only in Bahrain n that too only with the families who saw me in the above incident). Poor Satish, no more free lunches for him, no more usual hi n bye from the aunties...

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Movies, movies n movies

Being a movie buff, I watch a lots of movies, both on screen and on DVD. Some movies touch us and some movies scare (not literally) us. I've seen enough of the movies of both those categories. But last week, I saw some wonderful movies and want to share those(only the reviews not the DVD) with you all. Those movies are Juno, Vantage Point and Gamyam(Telugu).

Juno: I bought this movie more than a month back but never had the enthusiasm or interest to watch it. One day in the last week, I was so f#$%ed up in office that I decided to watch something pleasant other than the usual dishum-dishum, bang-bang stuff. It was then that I was reminded of this movie and believe me, I have to search a lot to find this one from my DVD collection (I maintain my flat neat but coming to the DVD's, you can find them everywhere).
Coming to the movie, it's a simple movie with a minimal storyline. It deals with the story of sixteen year-old Juno Macguff who's quite "independent". She does what she wants, never really caring about what other may think of her. The movie starts with her finding that she's pregnant after a one-night fling with her best friend. She immediately decides to have an abortion but later, decides against it and plans to donate the baby to a well-to-do couple who are looking for children. The story is about the various situations and incidents that Juno experiences till the birth of her baby.
Everything about this movie is kept so simple. The narration is straight-forward without much twists and turns. But, it's the acting of the lead actors that makes this movie more interesting. Believe me, you'll fall in love with the character of Juno(reminds us of Hasini in Bommarillu, a hit telugu movie). The character was portrayed excellently by Ellen Page. In fact, you imagine anyone in her place. The other characters like that Juno's parents, the lady who adopts the baby(Jennifer Garner) were also well played. I can give the movie a 3.75 out of 5.

Vantage Point: This movie is what I've never expected. Of late, I was watching many action movies but had this feeling of why-don't-we-stick-to-the-good-old-action-movies. Many of the recent action flicks are such a bore that I've decided to stick to comedies for sometime. I saw the reviews of this movie and felt like watching it on big screen. But I was on vacation at the time of its release and somehow neglected it. My DVD guy told me that the DVD has come and I took it up but of late, I was not finding time to watch any movie at a stretch. On the weekend, after returning from a meet-my-friends, I started the movie at 11 15 PM and I didn't move from my sofa till the end (except when I went for a leak in the middle of the movie). In fact, it would be good if I wrote that I can't move instead of I didn't move.
This movie is full of twists and turns (but not like the boring ones in Race, Bollywood movie). It's the story of an attempted assassination on the POTUS (now, don't ask me what POTUS is. It's the President Of The United States). An assassination attempt is made and the culprits succeed in getting their victim. But, is that their real victim? If not, what happened to the original victim and did the terrorists realize this? And if it's the real victim, what are the after-effects of the assassination?
One thing that stands out in this movie is the narration of the story. The same story is told through the eyes of five diferent people. The scenes are placed so well that every scene will ignite a certain spark of interest. My rating for this movie is a 4 out of 5.

Gamyam: It’s been quite sometime since we saw some meaningful movie in Telugu. Almost all the movies are filled with masala and violence with a minimal storyline. But this particular movie, Gamyam, is a breather for guys like me. It’s something untouched, very novel and simple script.
The story is simple. One rich-and-spoilt guy falls in love with an orphan who’s a small time social activist too. She finds that this guy has doesn’t have any interest in society and hates the word “poor”. She leaves him for good and sets off to another place. The protagonist then realizes his mistake and then sets out in search of her on a bike. He meets a petty n witty motor-cycle thief who joins him in search for his love. The incidents that the protagonist faces on this journey makes him realize that the real world is beyond the late-night parties and rich, lavish life.
The highlights of the movie are the simplicity of the movie, low hype about the movie, the perfect portrayal of the Gaali Seenu(thief) by Allari Naresh, the screenplay and witty dialogs. There are many light-hearted moments in the movie but at the same time, we experience many emotional scenes too. The debate about naxalism in the climax educates us to some extent too. The rating for this flick is a cool 4 out 5.

So, here ends my much-requested post (by some friends) of reviews. I hope it is OK and I didn’t over-hype any of the above movies.

Monday, May 19, 2008

How long did I miss it?

I was working for the past 2 hours or so and suddenly, something reminded me of ice cream. I started wondering "When was the last time I had it?". It seemed as if I missed it for ages. Then I started counting by recollecting the last time when I ate one. Can you believe the result? It's been around 69 long hours. Yes, you read it right. It's been almost 3 whole days since I had my last ice cream. Have to grab a nice one on the way home today.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Had a great week

Friends, the last week has been awesome for me(apart from the 100th post). Loads n loads of shit has been taken off my brain(don't blow off ur brains by trying to guess how shit can be taken from brain) both in work n personal life. A few highlights from the last week:

1. A tough issue in office that has been nagging me for the past three weeks has been solved. I even gave it up for a couple of days thinking that I can never sort it out. But when a third party vendor quoted a high price to solve that issue, I got some inspiration and started to work on it with renewed energy n got it solved.... ;)
2. My leg has healed to a great extent. I was able to walk without limping for the first time in 2 weeks. There are li'l sparks of pain sometimes but I hope that everything will be back to normal in a couple of days.
3. Made friends with some nurses in the hospital. After all, how can I sit idle for around an hour waiting for the 5 minutes of doctors' examination? One nurse even dresses my wound for free without any others noticing it. But wait, I call all of them "sister"....
4. All the movies I've seen in the last week on DVD were awesome. In fact, I saw only three of them. They are Juno, Vantage Point, and Gamyam(Telugu).

Let's hope that this week is as good as the previous one. All you people out there, have a great week ahead.
(Btw, it was me in the picture. Thanks to Bini for taking such a perfect snap)

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Can't think of a title for this...

My homage for the victims of the Jaipur blast. Government sources are telling that there's some militant group from Bangladesh behind these blasts.
If these culprits are called terrorists, what should be this person called.... link

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

100th post(or is it better to say 100th page in my autograph?)

Here comes the 100th post of my blog. I never imagined that I'll come this far. It's all because of each and everyone of you that I reached 100 posts, particularly after I thought of stopping this blog long back. I was thinking a lot about what to write in this coveted post. I've decided to post about the reason why I started this virtual life.
I desperately wanted a shoulder to lean on after I came to Bahrain. Here, I've no one whom I know except my manager with whom I talked a couple of times on phone before coming here. I thought that I've run away from the shadows of my past but being alone and without much friends, brought those dreadful memories back. I used to cry a lot thinking about those. I wanted someone to listen to my past and comfort me. Then, I was introduced to this wonderful world of blogs as stated in this post. All my first posts were based on my love. I just wanted this blog to be full of my love which I can read and read and read for the days to come. Then slowly I started blogging on other issues as well. Here goes my story:

Before I met her, I used to have a careless perspective on life and I don't have a certain goal ahead of me. It was at my cousin's marriage that I met her for the first time. As the marriage was held at a hotel with a beach front, I went to the beach and she followed me there. She insisted on chatting with me and I can't see her clearly in the moonlight. So when we came out, I was surprised by her looks. She looked so divine. Then after a while, she asked me whether I can take her for a trip around Vizag(this happened when I was there). I accepted happily.

We met on the pre-decided date and I took her for a tour. Then we went to a movie. During the interval session of the movie, she asked my opinion about love. I just told that it's a great feeling. She replied that she too feels the same and after a minute, told me that she loves me. I was taken back by this. Surely I am not a person who can woo a girl just by chatting for a couple of hours or so. I sensed something fishy and refused her politely and said that she'll find a better person than me.
But she insisted and I thought that she'll realize later on and said that we'll just be friends. Days passed on well. She used to be from some other place and she came to my place during her holidays.

During these visits, I realized that my life is destined to be with her only and I can't leave her. I am in deep love with her.

After some months, we became inseparable. We can't live with out talking to each other for even a couple of days(I told you that she's from some other place). Many calls used to travel between our places and I used to maintain a credit book with the STD shop guy near my house. Once I even stayed with her for two days in her house when her parents went for a marriage far away. Our bond is so strong that we never had an intention of sex in our minds. I can swear that those two days are the BEST in my life.

As fate can change anyone's life, my life also changed. Once she told me that she's going to Pune with her family to meet her relatives and asked me whether I want her to leave or not. If my answer is negative, she told me that she'll tell some story to her parents and stay at her home only. I told that it's OK and asked her to return back soon.

But even after a fortnight or so, there's no message from her. Somehow I traced her relatives number in Pune with a lot of effort. When I called there, I got the shock of my life. I was told that she and her uncle died in an accident and her father is still in hospital nursing broken ribs.
All of a sudden, everything is blank in front of me. The very thought that I lost someone without whom I can't even imagine my life came as a severe blow to me. I wandered like a mad guy for many days. If my friends were not there for me, I wouldn't have lived to write this now. It was them who made me realize that life's not going to end now and they made me a normal person by sparing their valuable time for me. And her parents came to know about our affair through her dairy and her
father met me a couple of times after he recovered.

This incident happened almost 8 years back and I still can't shrug her off my mind. I'm out of the trauma now but still I wish to see her someday and come back into my life.

Well friends, this is my story and the real reason behind my blogging. I hope I didn't bore you much.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Burma n China - what sin did they do?

Most of you might have heard about the tragic events in Burma and China. If not, please go through the links below for more details.
Cyclone in Burma(Myanmar)
Earthquake in China
When I heard the news about Burma cyclone, I felt bad for the country as it's poll time there and the government is too busy with those issues. There are some controversies too about the aid coming in but I feel it's better not to comment on that issue.
Just when the world is coming out of the shock, an earthquake hit China yesterday and the death toll was estimated to be more than 10000. It's heartening to hear a news snippet about how 900 students were stuck inside a collapsed school.
It's not the news that I wanted to write about. It's about the loss of so many lives. Why should those innocent people die without any mistake of theirs? Is there no way to save at least a few of them? Thousands and thousands of innocent lives.....
There was a small post on the ideal gadget by Sneha a while back. I answered some stupid thing but now, I've got the right answer for that question. I need some gadget that warns people of natural calamities much in advance and also gives them directions to the safest place nearby.
All that we can do at this stage is to try and help those affected people and pray for their well-being and quick recovery.
Please have a look at the other wonderful post on the same issue by Ceedy.
Also, check the success story of Anshuman

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Wanted a suitable alliance

Hello blogger buddies, don't worry. This advertisement is not for me. It's for one of my good friends of the recent times. I would like to arrange a swayamvara for my gold fish which lost its partner about a month back. The profile of my fish is:

Name : Pintoo

Sex : I don't know to check a fish's sex.

Occupation : Bindaas bewarse(nothing to do)

Age : I don't know but I bought it around 2 months back

Attitude : Definitely not a bully. Even though it stays with two other small fish, it never bothered them(at least while I was watching).

Miscellaneous Characteristics :
1)Eats a lot. Never feels shy to rush at food.
2)Shits a lot. Have to change water every couple of days.
3)Watching TV these days. But don't know what type of shows it likes.

You can find a couple of pictures of Pintoo below(He/She is very shy while posing for pictures):

Monday, May 05, 2008

Got worse.....

Hello frnds, it seems that I've made a mess with my bruise. The bad news are:
1)Today morning, my company doctor announced a li'l bad news. He said that either I've used the wrong medication or I'm allergic to Savlon(which I was using to clean the wound) and hence the bruise got a li'l out of control. He said that I've to see him regularly and asked me to take the day off for today.
2)I've an audit scheduled for today and can't take sick leave. So I decided to stick to office.
3)The auditors finished the audit without touching my domain.
4)The doctor also told me that he'll watch the wound for a couple of days and then if needed, he'll put me under sedation and he has to operate a little on my leg.

And now the good news:
1)My colleagues told me that my company doctor is a nut and don't believe his words. They suggested me to go some hospital and have my leg checked.
2)Thank god, the auditors didn't touch me at all.
3)I may take the day off for tomorrow.
4)The chicken pizza we had last night was good. Planning to get one tonight too.
5)Mumbai Indians won yesterday against the top ranked team in IPL.

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Can't bear this any more.....

After returning from the so-called Family sports n fun day(check the previous post), me n a friend of mine dressed the wound n tied it tight with an elastic bandage so that the cotton stays in place. The next mrng(yesterday), around 4 AM, I was suddenly awake and felt some piercing pain near the bruise. It was because of lack of blood flow due to the elastic bandage. I removed it and started rubbing the bruised are slowly and the pain subdued after a while. But I couldn't sleep after that. I passed time reading some magazine and watching TV. As my frnd was still asleep, I thought of going out for breakfast after he gets up.
But around 10 AM, I got a call from my boss informing me that our mailing server is under heavy SPAM attack and I need to check it out as the managers' Blackberries were beeping every 30 seconds with the SPAM mails. So I've to go to office with my limping leg. I skipped my breakfast n went to office and found that anti-SPAM web interface was not opening. It took me around 4 hours to stop those stupid mails. I even skipped lunch as walking to the canteen in this condition(remember that I can't walk properly) will gobble up 15 minutes of my time. I managed somehow with a pack of Good-day biscuits and a chocolate bar. By the time I finished and called the driver, I was informed that all the cars went out and I've to wait for someone to arrive into the company. At last, the car came at 5 30 PM and dropped me home. Then I asked the driver to drop me at a fast food joint near my flat and had a burger there.
I passed time till 8 PM by playing NFS and then ordered Chicken Biriyani from am nearby Kerala restaurant. But it tasted like hell and I threw it after eating a little.
Even after all these issues n botherings, I felt that the world is beautiful because
1) The beer I had after this tasted great
2) The Maggi I've prepared tasted like nectar(may be I'm too hungry)
3) The movie I saw on DVD(The Bank Job) before sleeping was good as well
4) Last but not least, the SPAM problem was solved at least for the time being.
God's great. I love you, man(and women Gods too)

Thursday, May 01, 2008

May day special

We had a 3 days weekend this time, thanks to May day. So, Telugu Kala Samithi(TKS) arranged a family fun & sports day at a beach called Zallaq. It was a good idea to pass time as three day weekend might be a good money sucker in Bahrain.
So we went there before the scheduled time to help the organizers and as a first sports event, cricket was selected. It was fun but I didn't bat well(even though I hit a first ball four, I was out on the second ball by poking at a wide delivery).
Then there was sack-race, in which you have to run by standing inside a sack. this one reminded me of the school days and now, I came third in this event. Then, there were some events for women. Next came my bone-crusher.
It was the three-legged race where you've to pair up with some other contestant and one leg of ours will be tied up with one leg of our partner. Then we've to run towards the finish line while competing with other participants. I don't know whether I slipped or my partner slipped but I fell to my side with my partner falling on me. I got this nasty bruise which didn't pain at all for sometime but slowly after 10 minutes, it started showing the real pain.
Somehow, after a while, I ignored the pain and we had a good soaking session in ocean(I don't know swimming) as the water wasn't deep at all for about 500 meters. We then had lunch very late and came back to my room a bit early as my roomie was going to India for a three week vacation and I've to say Bon Voyage to him.
Now, I'm alone in my room cursing and nursing my leg and enjoying the spirit of red(blood) on this May day.......

P.S : Picture deleted because of user complaints for being too horrific