Saturday, May 03, 2008

Can't bear this any more.....

After returning from the so-called Family sports n fun day(check the previous post), me n a friend of mine dressed the wound n tied it tight with an elastic bandage so that the cotton stays in place. The next mrng(yesterday), around 4 AM, I was suddenly awake and felt some piercing pain near the bruise. It was because of lack of blood flow due to the elastic bandage. I removed it and started rubbing the bruised are slowly and the pain subdued after a while. But I couldn't sleep after that. I passed time reading some magazine and watching TV. As my frnd was still asleep, I thought of going out for breakfast after he gets up.
But around 10 AM, I got a call from my boss informing me that our mailing server is under heavy SPAM attack and I need to check it out as the managers' Blackberries were beeping every 30 seconds with the SPAM mails. So I've to go to office with my limping leg. I skipped my breakfast n went to office and found that anti-SPAM web interface was not opening. It took me around 4 hours to stop those stupid mails. I even skipped lunch as walking to the canteen in this condition(remember that I can't walk properly) will gobble up 15 minutes of my time. I managed somehow with a pack of Good-day biscuits and a chocolate bar. By the time I finished and called the driver, I was informed that all the cars went out and I've to wait for someone to arrive into the company. At last, the car came at 5 30 PM and dropped me home. Then I asked the driver to drop me at a fast food joint near my flat and had a burger there.
I passed time till 8 PM by playing NFS and then ordered Chicken Biriyani from am nearby Kerala restaurant. But it tasted like hell and I threw it after eating a little.
Even after all these issues n botherings, I felt that the world is beautiful because
1) The beer I had after this tasted great
2) The Maggi I've prepared tasted like nectar(may be I'm too hungry)
3) The movie I saw on DVD(The Bank Job) before sleeping was good as well
4) Last but not least, the SPAM problem was solved at least for the time being.
God's great. I love you, man(and women Gods too)


Anonymous said...

Why not install a client-side spam filter on the manager's BlackBerry's? At least this way when the server-side stuff goes down, you won't get crap from the management. We use the one from Antair -

Sree said...

good to see the bright things in life than the rotten part.. manchi attitude Satish..

Krishna Kumar said...

gud to see that u've cleared the spam from ur manager's blackberry...and howz ur limping legs at the moment..??

Apple said...

Hmmm...ippudu kaalela vundi Sathi? Maaku kooda 3 days holidays :)

brocasarea said...

nice one ur writing style so linking u up in my blog rol....enjoy ..bye!!:)

Anonymous said...

Hope ur leg is fine now.

p.s., i can read your posts but cannot comment on them during office hrs and after coming home its a mad rush. just wanted to tell i read ur posts.

Keshi said...

gotta count your blessings always. Good one Satish and TC :)


Satish Bolla said...

the issue is not with the Blackberries. It's with the mailing server itself. However, we sorted the issue temporarily. Will check the site u suggested.

Thanq. My roomie left to India for vacation and am alone in my flat now. So the only source to get the required morale boost is from me only. So got to see the sunny side up.

Satish Bolla said...

parledhu. check my latest on my condition.

parledhu but it seems that something went wrong.

Satish Bolla said...

thanx buddy. am honored to b on ur blog roll

will take care. thanx for droppin by

Satish Bolla said...

it's ok but it looks bad. and coming to the comments thing, thanx for dropping by but never worry abt commenting. u can't judge a book by its price and i feel that u can't judge a post by its comments. as long as i enjoy writing and all you wonderful readers enjoy reading it, my blog moves on.

Anonymous said...


hard day... but i lov the last bit re!


hope yur leg is better now? go see a doc ?!

Satish Bolla said...

u loved only the last bit. in fact. i loved each n every part of this - even the bruise part. coz' it's been quite a few yrs since i faced something so painful....
ya, went to a doc, but it's still the same pain. not much difference.