Monday, August 15, 2011

Independence Day

India is celebrating it's 64th Independence Day. Good. Congratulations. But to whom should my wishes be addressed to? Surely, I can't address all the Indians. It's not that I can't, it's because I shouldn't. While browsing casually, I came upon this wonderful pictorial which depicted how different India is for each of its citizens.

Before we plan to celebrate this so-called auspicious day, give it a moment to think about what have we achieved as citizens in this largest democratic country of the world.

  • Even after these many years, no female can dare to walk alone on the streets of our capital(even during day time!).
  • An old man fighting for a change in the constitution cannot fast for more than three days at a particular place. Ridiculous!!! What's more funny is that he's given permission to take only 5000 supporters into his protest.
  • People from a part of a state(mine, sadly) want the other people from other part of the same state to move their asses out of their place. Confusing, right? This is what is called Telangana issue. Imagine, they even started a movement called "Quit Telangana" on the same day this year, when our freedom fighters started "Quit India" movement.
  • While Hockey is considered as our national game, no one knows who's the captain of the team. I wonder if at least 10% of the people know how many players are there in a hockey team.
  • Aha, how can I miss this? Indian Cricket Team lost their recent test series to England and subsequently the Numero Uno ranking. We lost the No. 1 rank and the media is making a frenzy as if we lost our Independence yet again!!! Come on guys, it's just matter of a few months.
  • Now, this one I read somewhere. You can buy and finish off a liquor bottle in broad daylight, but you have to think twice before buying a Valentine's Day greeting card. You don't know which Sena might be waiting for you round the corner.
  • US has faced some issues with its economy and the whole world went into turmoil. Because of this, the Indian Rupee went weak!!!! Took a good while for me to analyze and understand this. Are we economically independent?

It is of no surprise that thinking of Independence Day, even though I'm proud of my country and I love my country, all that I remember is those sweet laddoos they used to distribute on this day in my school.Link