Monday, September 22, 2008

My India trip

We, the Indians working outside India, look forward for annual vacations more than anything else(at least I’m like that). So far, I’ve been to India 4 times on vacation. But this vacation has been the most happening for me. One major reason might be my sister’s marriage while the other might be because I got to explore rural India more than my previous outings. Some of the highlights of this vacation are:
1. I spent more than 3 whole days of my 3 weeks vacation in trains (my favorite mode of transport).
2. I met a policeman who shares his lunch box with an old beggar daily. He told me that he wants to take that old lady to his house but his wife doesn’t agree for that.
3. Drank tea prepared with fresh milk (the buffalo was milked just before me) at a relative’s house in a village.
4. Plucked some guavas at the same village and ate them without even washing them. I even saw some people making curries from the vegetables which grew in their backyard there.
5. I went to Hampi, in Karnataka, for a day’s visit. I never knew that the historic city is such a beautiful sight. It was really an engineering marvel. I felt that it’s one of those must-see-places in India.
6. I met a mother who feels that kids should not be scolded for some wrong thing which they do. She says that if you scold them for doing so, they’ll be more inclined to do so in future. You might feel what’s special in me writing this. But I was awestruck when she was laughing at her 3 year old kid who was shouting very bad words at everyone.
These might not seem to be of great importance to you, but I found some difference in them. Something that we are not used to. Anyways, I now sign off to be back tomorrow in the Bloggerville to read some more of your blog posts.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Back to Blogger n Bahrain

It rained in Hyderabad on Monday evening. The sky was cloudy from the morning, alerting people that there's lot of rain to pour down. It started as a slow drizzle which was welcomed by everyone on the road. And then after some 30 minutes, it started raining cats & dogs (well, I've never seen one falling down the sky). It rained heavily for some 90 minutes, making a lot of pools on the roads(Hyderabad became like Mumbai when it rains). Everyone enjoyed the pleasant weather, but the aftermath of that downpour was very bad. There were traffic jams everywhere; shops were closed because of the wind; there were power failures etc. But life became normal slowly after a few hours.

I wrote all this just to say that my vacation was almost same as the above situation. I was aware from the past few months that I was going on vacation in mid August, just like the people were aware of the rain before hand. My vacation started normally, without much happening in the first week, just like it drizzled before the downpour for 30 minutes. My vacation changed its look two days before my sister's marriage and I was extremely busy for 10 days. It was only in the last few days of my vacation that I sat leisurely at home and enjoyed mom's cooking. Just like the aftermath of the rain, my condition is very bad now(after returning from India). I feel solitary, deserted etc.

Well friends, I'm back to Bahrain yesterday morning. Straight to work from airport. Felt sick as I didn't sleep for more than a couple of hours during Sunday and Monday. Had a sound sleep yesterday night after taking a couple of pegs of fine Scotch whiskey(well, it has been an alcohol-free-vacation). There's loads of work awaiting me at the office and my flat badly needs a makeover. So, it'll not be soon that I write more on my blog or check out all your blogs. Please pardon me if I miss some of your posts(I am sure that lots of posts are awaiting me in your blogs). I may start visiting all your blogs from next week.

For Pavi, who kept forward her concern about my mobile number in my blog, "Pavi, that number doesn't work now. It'll wake up the next time I come to India".