Monday, July 28, 2008

The Dark Knight

Most of you know that am an ardent lover of movies. I love the world of fantasy as I already know how tough the real world is. Well, enough of crap. I love superhero movies a lot, in particular, Spiderman movies. Next comes Superman. Batman was always my last hero as I saw his movies in my childhood and was unable to understand anything. Batman's movies always revolve around some story which was hard for me at that age to understand.
I saw the headline grabbing movie, The Dark Knight(TDK), last weekend. I think the last time I saw a Batman movie was way back when I'm in School or Junior College(in one of those movies, Alicia Silverstone plays the BatGirl and I saw that movie solely for her). One of my friends saw TDK the day before I saw it and told me that the movie was OK and he was not able to understand some part of the story. So I was in a dilemma whether to watch it or not. But staying away from the theater for a week was a bit tough task for me these days, so I decided to go ahead with the plans(I was ready to watch any crap after I saw The Happening).
Believe me, I felt that TDK was one of the wonderful superhero movie ever made. Batman became an overnight hero in my world of fantasy. It was more like a drama than a superhero movie(I think most of the Batman movies are like that). The viewer is always in the grip of the narration, right from the start to the end.
The storyline is simple. I'll not write much of it as some of you doesn't want it to be leaked before you watch it. The capped crusader, Batman, was fighting the organized crime in the Gotham City and he want to call it a day as soon as the city is free of any sort of crime. He feels that the new District Attorney, Harvey Dent, might be the hero the society needs than someone like him. Harvey Dent grabs the attention of the society, Batman and even Batman's love interest with his dynamic deeds. Meanwhile, a new evil starts rising in the city's underworld. This villain is none other than the classic Joker. Joker wants all the hell to break loose in the Gotham City but he wants to do it his way. He makes the citizens turn against Batman for the cost of their safety. The rest of the story is about the fight between the good and the evil.
Coming to the performances, Christian Bale is back to don the role of Batman once again and he carries it off with ease. But it was Heath Ledger who steals the show as The Joker. Playing Joker wasn't a simple business as Joker is termed as the toughest villain ever faced by Batman. Heath Ledger simply awesome and it was hard to believe that it was Heath Ledger in front of us, but not the Joker. It was sad to hear that such a talented actor committed suicide. Another surprise package is Aaron Eckhart. He also played the role of Harvey Dent/Two-Face with lots of promise. Morgan Freeman was OK with one of his "usual" roles. The girl who played Rachel Dawes also did a good job but it would've been good if that role is donned by someone more pretty.
The narration of the movie was simply superb, as stated earlier. The special effects were OK, if not super. The Batmobile is as robust as ever, however, it was the Batpod that steals the show from the Batmobile. I liked the scene where Batman runs into a wall on his Batpod after pulling by Joker's truck.
I rate this movie 4.5 out of 5. It was worth a watch if you are someone who goes by the plot rather than the special effects. Finally, I sign off with the dialog of the movie which Joker tells to a mob member: "If you are good at something, never do it for free".

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A hint of sadness followed by lots of happiness

Friends, time's flying by fast and still I can't find much time to get back into full action in the Bloggerville. Neither could I post anything on my blog nor can I comment on others blogs(as frequently as I used to). But I'm visiting some blogs whenever I find time and I promise to visit the rest ASAP. Now, here are some ramblings on mine:
1. I feel sad as I've been pretty busy at office, not finding time for my usual routines. Sometimes, I'm not having time to at least take my daily cup of tea in office(I drink it only once a day but now...). But I'm happy because, being this much busy is just increasing my importance in office. And the good part is everybody started noticing this.
2. I feel sad for being away from the Bloggerville. But immediately when I open my blog, I'm happy because of you, who are taking the pains of visiting it and commenting on it. Thanks for remembering me.
3. I feel sad when I look at the piling DVDs(pending ones) at my home. But I felt happy last week, when I picked up from the pile and saw the cartoon movie, Tarzan & Zane. I loved the movie. I liked one particular dialog which Terk(Tarzans' chimp friend) tells to his elephant buddy: "I don't believe in those who wear clothes". You've to see it to feel it.
4. I was sad when it was her b'day, about ten days back. But later for some unknown reasons, I felt that this year, the sadness was less than that of the previous years. Sounds good to me as I never wanted to feel sad for her demise, I just want to hold on to my love.
Ok folks, will be back soon.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

B'day weekend

Hi folks, hope u r all okie. I was busy for the past few days with work. There were a couple of trainees who came for the project/field work, whom I had to train in my domain. All these clubbed together shortened or negated my visits to the Bloggerville. Today, I took a small break from work and thought saying you a small HI and a big thanks for making my b'day wonderful with all those warm wishes. And please read through the below content only if you are free(it contains nothing but my b'day weekend details).
As most of you know, my b’day was on last week. I was awaiting it with lot of enthusiasm and eagerness (don’t know the reasons why). So, at last, it came as silently as any other day. I started it by cutting a cake brought by my friends at midnight. I felt so happy when I had my first glance at the cake. Please check the pic below to find out why. Then we went to a hyderabadi restaurant and had some biriyani.
The next morning (on my b’day), we all woke up late as all of us slept late. In fact, I didn’t sleep for more than a couple of hours as I was attending calls from all over the world (everyone was thinking that it’ll be morning here as soon as the sun rises at their place and hence, totally fucked up my sleep). Then we went to a temple after a lot of days. I was thinking to go to the temple for more than a month but it was not possible for some or the other reason. Then, we bought parcels from a vegetarian restaurant(this has some reputation in this place but we never visited it). So, we all ate lunch and again slept in the afternoon and got up late in the evening. Then, with some more friends, we all went to Hancock. It was an OK movie. Hilarious one but got wavered in the last 15 or 20 minutes and screwed up the whole movie. Then went to a bar and gulped down a beer each.
The next day was an awesome one. Felt quite lazy in the morning because of the lack of sleep on the previous day. Afternoon had lunch at my colleagues’ place and again slept. In the evening, I took four kids(children of my colleagues) to an awesome movie, Kungfu Panda. Loved every frame of it. I recommend it every one of you. Maybe the company of the kids made me enjoy the movie a lot more.
So, this was how my b’day weekend went.

So sweet, right?

Cake cutting(in a typical tapori style)

My roomie

My Junior

My friend

After having a cake face-pack

The B'day bumps turned out to be like this

The veggie lunch we had on my b'day

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Am I childish???

Last Sunday, as you all know, there was grand final of the EURO cup. My roomie asked me whether an acquaintance of him can drop over to our flat to watch the match. I said OK as this person had already been there for a cricket match before. He was an elderly person in his fifties. So, this person came in the night, just before the match. We played cards, had a couple of beers and cheered for Russia. But the Russians, apparently, didn't hear our cheers and lost the match.
Then, we were cleaning our dishes and each guy had to clean his plate. Our elderly visitor went to the kitchen and washed his plate and somehow fumbled with a glass that was not supposed to be there. It was my favorite glass which I've been using for the past one year or so. I don't know why it's my favorite but I love it so much that I never drank any alcohol in it. All I used it for, is to drink juices, that too very rarely. Our guy simply broke the glass and came mumbling to the hall. As soon as I heard the sound of the breaking glass, I suspected the worst and rushed to find by priceless glass shattered to pieces. I was very angry on that person but couldn't do anything as he was my roomie's guest. The same guy didn't flush the toilet the next morning. I got up, as usual, at around 6AM to get ready for office and found that the toilet was stinking. My anger turned to hatred for that person when I coupled this incident and the last night's. Then this thought of me behaving like a child came into my mind, as I'm never like this. I'm soft, most of the times and was surprised by this change of behavior.
Then, just the day before, after reaching home from office, I found that one of my goldfish died without any warning. Ever since I lost my other gold fish about two months back, I was keeping the tank clean, feeding them in time(sometimes, skipping some parties just to be sure that my fish are fed), in fact, doing everything for long life. Now, suddenly, this one died and I started crying like a child who lost his pet. I didn't go to my usual workouts in gym, I didn't call my home as promised. The whole day was dull and gloomy for me. Another incident which made me feel as if I'm too possessive like a child.
Then yesterday, I saw this cartoon movie called "Tarzan 2". I bought this DVD more than a couple of months back but had no time or interest to watch this one. But, I loved every frame of it. Even though, I enjoyed many movies like this, this childishness thought made me wonder whether is this also the act of childishness?
I thought and thought about this and then came to a conclusion that this might be because of the reason that my b'day is just a few hours away. Upon further pulling-of-hair, I was sure that this is the reason. So friends, wish me on the occasion of my successful completion of 26 years of life with all those regular ups and downs. It was my dream to touch the coveted 100 mark and so, all of you please wish me all the best for the next 74 years too.
Btw, they celebrate my b'day in US too, but with a different name of the American Independence Day. But who cares about the name, all that matters for me is whether all those friends in US got holidays on my b'day or not.
Meanwhile, enjoy these cool cartoons about being childish. You don't need to be a child to laugh at these.