Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Wanted a suitable alliance

Hello blogger buddies, don't worry. This advertisement is not for me. It's for one of my good friends of the recent times. I would like to arrange a swayamvara for my gold fish which lost its partner about a month back. The profile of my fish is:

Name : Pintoo

Sex : I don't know to check a fish's sex.

Occupation : Bindaas bewarse(nothing to do)

Age : I don't know but I bought it around 2 months back

Attitude : Definitely not a bully. Even though it stays with two other small fish, it never bothered them(at least while I was watching).

Miscellaneous Characteristics :
1)Eats a lot. Never feels shy to rush at food.
2)Shits a lot. Have to change water every couple of days.
3)Watching TV these days. But don't know what type of shows it likes.

You can find a couple of pictures of Pintoo below(He/She is very shy while posing for pictures):


Krishna Kumar said...


brocasarea said...

since it watches too much tv it must be a female one!...lol

Sree said...

hey.. i moved edo prayogalu chesa, malli choosukune sariki id poyindi, so stuck with the new one, please notethe change :).

Sree said...

by the way, naakoka betta undi.. usually femaleki fins chinnaga undi spread cheyyaledu ekkuva, so can make out the difference I guess.. so betta gold fish alliance elaguntundenti??

Keshi said...

haha cute post Satish!

*Sex : I don't know to check a fish's sex

So u want all bisexual fish to apply for this? LOL!


keerthicherukuri said...

Khikhikhi...seegrameva partner praapthirasthu :)

RADhika said...

cute post.. :)

hmm, now don't let her/him watch woo much of discovery channel.. or else her/his expectations about the beau would increase! :D

ceedy said...


kya ho raha hai....practicing on a fish before your real alliance???

vEENs said...

hehehe! for a fish :P!

lolzzz.... i m sure it is a "she"!
she watches TV :))

Solitaire said...

Yaha par logo ko alliances nahi mil rahe hai and you are looking for alliances for fish?????????

Sam said...

well.... its a bit hard arnd here to find a partner for the old self.. hope u the fish has a better luck!!

Realistic me.... said...

Cute post!!!:))

Satish Bolla said...

thanx for navving

thanx for giving me a hint. let me check next time

konchem shock ayya nee blog chusi. i thought it was hacked. thank god, u sorted it now

Satish Bolla said...

pelli chupulu eppudandi akka gaaru? mee pintoo ee madhya thega siggu pading

thanx buddy. let's c. if no application comes, then the rules will b liberalized.

dhaanne maa bhasha lo insha-allah antaaru

Satish Bolla said...

here we don't get that type of programs in discovery channel. anyways, thanx for the hint. will b careful with NGC n animal planet

u r a genius, man. but plz stop giving hints to others in sensitive issues like this... :(

yup. after all, it's my roomie, right?

Satish Bolla said...

check ceedy's comment for some hint.. ;)

already got one alliance frm sree

@realistic me
thanx, buddy

Anonymous said...

we have one fish at our place...size: large(compared to the rest)fud : eats a lot(so might be a gud company)
but our condition for marriage is that ur fish shd come to our aquarium....hehehe[:P]

Satish Bolla said...

no... can't imagine that.... :( but what can i do? am ok with it. can u send me pic of ur fish

Anonymous said...

yeah sure..we would think abt it

Ashu said...

put an add in an aquarium. ur fish wud be swamped

Satish Bolla said...

wow, that's a good news. wait till i convey this to my pintoo. he/she'll n so happyyyy

Satish Bolla said...

no need for an ad. am planning to pay a visit to the nearby aquarium in a week or so