Monday, May 05, 2008

Got worse.....

Hello frnds, it seems that I've made a mess with my bruise. The bad news are:
1)Today morning, my company doctor announced a li'l bad news. He said that either I've used the wrong medication or I'm allergic to Savlon(which I was using to clean the wound) and hence the bruise got a li'l out of control. He said that I've to see him regularly and asked me to take the day off for today.
2)I've an audit scheduled for today and can't take sick leave. So I decided to stick to office.
3)The auditors finished the audit without touching my domain.
4)The doctor also told me that he'll watch the wound for a couple of days and then if needed, he'll put me under sedation and he has to operate a little on my leg.

And now the good news:
1)My colleagues told me that my company doctor is a nut and don't believe his words. They suggested me to go some hospital and have my leg checked.
2)Thank god, the auditors didn't touch me at all.
3)I may take the day off for tomorrow.
4)The chicken pizza we had last night was good. Planning to get one tonight too.
5)Mumbai Indians won yesterday against the top ranked team in IPL.


Nirmal's Blog said...

ha ha tat was a good one,...
wish that only thing like latter part of ur post happen....
yup mumbai winning too...lolsss

Krishna Kumar said...

Mottaniki mee Mumbai Indians win iyndi le...soon KKR kooda win avutundi...!!! Mumbai Indians Kabardaar...!!

Anonymous said...

Oh my God, Sathi...nee positive outlook tharvatha..mundu aa kaalu jagratha...

Krishna Kumar said...

asalu vishyam marichiti...nee leggu jagarthannov...

Keshi said...

Is ur doc a maniac? dun say YES to surgery unless its really needed.


Anonymous said...

see... i thought u shud see a doc :-/

i SURE hope that DOC is NUTCASE!

operation?????? gimme a break! u allergic to Savlon :O


temme hw did the meeting with the "normal" doc go?

Satish Bolla said...

even i wish for things in the latter part to happen more

babu, bhayya repu field loki entering. jaagratha

kaalu almost thaggindhi. theeseyyalsina avasaram ledhu le

Satish Bolla said...

no surgery needed now. went to another doc n was eating lots of antibiotics

the answers to ur question will b in the next post.