Thursday, May 01, 2008

May day special

We had a 3 days weekend this time, thanks to May day. So, Telugu Kala Samithi(TKS) arranged a family fun & sports day at a beach called Zallaq. It was a good idea to pass time as three day weekend might be a good money sucker in Bahrain.
So we went there before the scheduled time to help the organizers and as a first sports event, cricket was selected. It was fun but I didn't bat well(even though I hit a first ball four, I was out on the second ball by poking at a wide delivery).
Then there was sack-race, in which you have to run by standing inside a sack. this one reminded me of the school days and now, I came third in this event. Then, there were some events for women. Next came my bone-crusher.
It was the three-legged race where you've to pair up with some other contestant and one leg of ours will be tied up with one leg of our partner. Then we've to run towards the finish line while competing with other participants. I don't know whether I slipped or my partner slipped but I fell to my side with my partner falling on me. I got this nasty bruise which didn't pain at all for sometime but slowly after 10 minutes, it started showing the real pain.
Somehow, after a while, I ignored the pain and we had a good soaking session in ocean(I don't know swimming) as the water wasn't deep at all for about 500 meters. We then had lunch very late and came back to my room a bit early as my roomie was going to India for a three week vacation and I've to say Bon Voyage to him.
Now, I'm alone in my room cursing and nursing my leg and enjoying the spirit of red(blood) on this May day.......

P.S : Picture deleted because of user complaints for being too horrific


Shakadal said...
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Solitaire said...

WHAT THE HELL!!! I hate that picture. I did not even read the post.

Krishna Kumar said...

yaaaaaakkkhhh....the pic made me to tell this...and one more day started with your blog...hope it should go well :((

vEENs said...

ooo! i m sorry to hear that.. but u sure did have sme "bloody" fun :)

i m thank ful i dint see the pic :)

brocasarea said...

hmm..reminds me of our kootamahajagattu gettogether!!!....enjoy!!..bye

Krishna Kumar said...

ufffh...mottaniki batikichaavu...udhayane nee paada darshana baghyam kalipichavukadayya... ;)

ceedy said...

missed the pic....but hope you feel better...

Satish Bolla said...

sorry. will take care from next time

sorry boss. btw, how was ur day???

ya, had too much fun. strained my leg too much n paying for that now

what happened there? u hurt urself??

feeling worse now... :(

Krishna Kumar said... mataki aa mata anali...nee leggu mahima baaneundi...exam kekeputtincha... :D