Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Once more..........

Sorry, all ya fellow bloggers who spent a li'l bit of their time for commenting on the look of my new template. But owing to the valuable comments of my fellow bloggers(most of them said that it was girly), I've decided to change the template again and hooked into finalsense once more. But much to my disbelief, almost all the templates which I liked doesn't display the "telugu" font as it is. As some of my blog entries need to be in Telugu(my mother-tongue), I had to revert back to the good old blogger templates. And again, how's this new template?

P.S: I feel as if I've moved from a cool Archie to a gawdy Jughead.

Stupid Whisper : Even my profile pic doesn't show my face. How come everyone know that am not innocent?


Anonymous said...

Adentadi..telugu font enduku display cheyyavoo finalsense templates? nenu chesaanu kadaa inthakumundu? hmmmm...emo mari

Ee template baavundi....simplega vundi

Krishna Kumar said...

annai...blog neede kada..so neeku nachina templatte thote continue avvochu kada...girly ga valaki anipisthe..nuvveduku marchavu...:0

Anonymous said...

now.. well this one really does look better :))

Telugu! wow! I can't understand that language one bit :) ! It baffles me.. why I can't :)

Well i thought Jughead, was cooler ;))

he did what he wanted. and he was NOT running after 2 entirely diffr kinda girls :))

Keshi said...
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Keshi said...

**How come everyone know that am not innocent?

yeah u cud even be Jack The Ripper, lol!


Apple said...

@sathi..aa s/w nuvvu naaku mundu pampaavu kaanee adento chaala complicatedga vundi

Srujana said...

Hmm baagundi ee template...simple and neat ga :)

by the way naa blog template final sense ee kada and it is definetely allowing telugu font...:)

yaa dont you think its time to change your profile pic also...

c e e d y said...

See you yourself admitted you were archie - and thats not innocent - what more proof do you want :)

Satish Bolla said...

konni templates ki display avuthundhi. but naaku nachina vaatiki avvaledhu. andhuke mallee back to blogger. btw, lekhini is better than that software. enjoy maadi.

state bank ki velithe oka board thagilinchi untundhi. can't recollect the exact wordings. "kaathadhaarude mana sarvaswam" something like that. naaku meere sarvaswam... :P

u can learn telugu easily buddy. jus find a good andhraite.
2 different girls!!!! today i ran after some 20 different girls.... :)

am not even jake, the stripper

konni templates maatrame allowing. naaku nachinavi display cheyyatledhu.
inka profile vishayaaniki vasthe, samarasimha reddy i bus stop lo chusi DCP dhannam pettinattu, ikkada nannu evarainaa chusi emainaa chesthaa remo ani bhayyam

bhayya, don't reveal things like that.... :(