Thursday, April 10, 2008

Why am I sad?

I'm feeling very depressed today. Can't exactly tell you why. Is it because the skit we rehearsed yesterday got very bad reviews and we have to enact it right tomorrow morning with out any changes? Or is it because today's my sister's engagement and I'm only one in the entire khandaan who's missing it???


Anonymous said...
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Sree said...

Hey.. it does happen.. partly the second one is the strongest reason.. most of the times for whatever reason when we are away from the loved ones and the most memorable events happen to them, we tend to feel isolated and begin questions why and could it have been avoided.. just phase.. they all know that your heart would be there though you are physically some where else, so just relax and talk to her on the phone and be there.. pseudo as much as possible.

Krishna Kumar said...

anna...neeku advice chesenta vayaasu aarhata naaku ledemo...kaani sushakka cheppinathu be psedudo as much as possible...!!

Nirmal's Blog said...

might be coz u gonna miss beautifull gals in tat..tats depressing..

c e e d y said...

are depressed? dont go into that bylane - there is a dead end and takes a while to get the car out

think positive - atleast the skit was not cancelled so you still have a chance to do it right

and you are missing physically but you are there in spirit and you have to show that you are happy or else the entire family will be sad and your sisters engagement which is the most imp day of her life will be taken away from her......

Anonymous said...

Ayyo Sathi..engagement miss ayava...ilanti events miss ayithe entha badhaga vuntundo ardham chesukogalanu..Ponle pelliki velthunnavu kadaa...

Satish Bolla said...

thanx for the morale boost. am ok now.

adhe chesa le

this might b one hidden reason

am ok now, buddy. the skit got rave reviews at the show and evryone was well applauded.
and after seeing the engagement pics, my sorrow subsidized a lot.

pelliki definite gaa veltha. leave ivvakapothe resign chesi maree velathaa

c e e d y said...

good sir!!! and congrats...any pictures??? from the play

Ekta said...

awww..well it cld be a bit of both..or maybe completely different!
Sometimes I get up in the morning with a horrible depressed feeling..and cant explain it!
So well..cheer up girl..only u can make urself feel better!

Keshi said...

it cud be one or both, or none of em.

but wut matters is if u r feeling better today. R u?



Satish Bolla said...

sorry buddy, even i didn't see any of those pictures. it was as if the nightmare ended. but will put up some if i come across any

thanx for dropping by. but wht do u mean by "cheer up girl"? all these yrs, i was growing up considering myself as a male. pleas don't start any new doubts in me

welcome back. thanx buddy, am feelin much better now

Anonymous said...

coz of the 2 :-/

dnt worry.. evrything will be alright.