Friday, April 04, 2008

Lots of pending things in blogger

Hi all, it's been quite a few days since I wrote something meaningful(did I ever write anything like this???) on my blog. Well, there are quite a few things pending like a dreadful memory, my weekend stint at office(last weekend) and the major one being the ongoing F1 race in Bahrain. I went for the practice session today. It was awesome. Will write more about that in a day or two.
Now, I've one bad news. One of my four fish died today. It was a gold fish. I came late to my flat and was looking at the F1 pics. Suddenly, I remembered that I forgot to feed my fish. I was late by a couple of hours. To my horror, I saw one of the two goldfish floating in water with a huge belly. I suspect the reason for its death to be the dirty water as I didn't change it for more than 48 hours. The other goldfish also had some wound sort-of-thing on its nose. I felt as if the earth was crashing beneath my feet. I killed a beautiful being with my negligence. For the first time, I felt that I did a wrong thing in deciding to maintain an aquarium. Tonight, no food and no sleep because of that. I'm writing this at 2 AM........ The one above, please forgive me.


Krishna Kumar said...

annay..jarigindani gurinchi bhada padithe em prayojanam ledu..inka jaragalsindhi choodu...and aa golden fish aathma saanthichu gaka...avunu neeku F1 racing lantivi kooda unda...!...anyways all the best for your F1..formula correct ga veyyanav...miss avvaku..!

Keshi said...

sad :( Im sorry to hear that.

when my dad was alive, we used to hv a huge aquarium at home..with abt 25 beautiful lil fish. Including 2 GoldFish. They all eventually died.

So did my dad...way before he should.


Anonymous said...

well u r feeling bad abt it.. thats a BIG thing.. sme people dnt giv a damn.

dnt worry... be a lil more thoughtful this time on.

The Keeper of the Keys said...

like veens said, its commendable that you're feeling sorry.

Anonymous said...

Ayyo Sathi...papaam..Naaku anduke pets penchaalante bhayam...vaatikemanna ayithe chaala feel ayipothaamu...:(...aa rendo gold fish jagratha...

Satish Bolla said...

jaragalsinavi pedhagaa emi levu. theesukelli bayata paadesaa. migathaa vaatini konchem ekkuva care tho choosukuntunna.
inka F1 antaava, aa picchi oka 8 years nundi undhi. innallaki kudhirindhi.

am sorry for reigniting some of our sad memories.

thanx for consoling me. but the very idea of the loss of a life (which's dependant on me) is making me mad

@the keeper of the keys
thanx, buddy.

jaagrathagaa chusthunna ley

Srujana said...

Hi...thanks Satish....F1 ki velli Kimi ni first place ki teppinchinanduku...its one of those great moments...first two places bagged by my team...nee post mundara choodalee choosunte naa part of buck up koodaa ivvamane danni:D:D:D...but anyways it was are too lucky to attend....I am still waiting :(
And may your fish´s soul rest in peace..paapam kaani emi cheyyalemu...take care of the others...

Satish Bolla said...

thanx for sharing the same fav team. btw, kimi got 2nd place. it's massa who got the first place.
i'll write an article soon abt my F1 visit.

Srujana said...

I meant the overall ranking race tho Kimi drivers first ki vachesadu ga
with 19 points :D:D:D...tvaraga post cheyyi....will wait for it :):):)