Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Tashan - my take

Being a movie buff, I look forward every week for some movies to release. I even have a collection of movies (who cares if some of them are pirated) which reduced from a great collection to a good collection.
For the past few weeks, I was waiting for the release of this movie, Tashan. I was so mesmerized by the promos and some songs which added further to my interest in this movie. It released last Thursday but I couldn’t make it till Saturday. I read the reviews and was a li’l disappointed and thought of giving it a miss. But my Mumbai dost, Naseer, insisted that we go for it. So I had to watch it.
Believe me, it’s not that bad. Jus’ a different type of genre. Till date, we saw mindless comedies in Bollywood. Now, this is one is a mindless action flick with some rib-tickling(in bits n pieces) comedy. This movie boasts of a great cast: Anil Kapoor, Akshay Kumar and the coochie-coochie couple of Bollywood, Saif and Kareena. The story is chooo chimple.
A call center employee, Jimmy(Saif), who also teaches English to beautiful girls, is approached by Pooja(Kareena) to teach English for her boss, Bhaiyyaji(Anil Kapoor). Bhaiyyaji turns out to be a dreaded Don who gets monthly hafta(lots of it) by train and Pooja is entrusted with the job of bringing it to the den(a filmish one, which you might have seen in some age old movies). Jimmy falls for Pooja and Pooja too reciprocates her love to him. One day Pooja reveals to Jimmy that she’s working for Bhaiyyaji only because her father owes him a lot of money and now Bhiayyaji is harrising her to marry him. Jimmy, as usual, plans to rob the monthly hafta and pay it to Bhaiyyaji as Pooja’s debt. But they end up robbing more than what they require and Pooja gives a slip to Jimmy and vanishes.
Jimmy returns to Bhaiyyaji and confesses his crime, as he’s scared of him. Bhaiyyaji recruits Bachchan Pande(Akshay Kumar), who has to search for Pooja with the help of Jimmy. The only major problem is Bachchan is a stray dog while Jimmy is a cultured puppy. Can Bachchan get hold of Priya? Is Jimmy willing to help Bachchan? Is there any secret behind Pooja who manages to fool everyone? A series of twists unravel before good prevails over the bad.
The highlights of the movie are its Hinglish dialogues, Akshay Kumar and Kareena’s bikini. Take them out of the movie and you are left with a complete bull-shit. Coming to the performances, Akshay Kumar is at his best in this movie as a rugged Bachchan. Anil Kapoor does justice to his role as Bachchan but as the movie goes on, we feel bored of his Hinglish dialogues. Saif is totally wasted in the second half and he looks old too. Kareena sizzles with her skimpy clothing and I heard some whistles during her bikini scene.
Songs are OK with some funny moments. Don’t blame me if the action sequences remind you of Rajnikanth….. The direction is pretty poor and I doubt whether the debutante Vijay Krishna Acharya gets a good future ahead of him.
Overall, Tashan is a time-pass, lock-your-brains-at-home movie. My rating for this will be 2.75 out of 5.


Anonymous said...

well i dint read it all... coz u were telling the story line :P



well watch it and then read

Keshi said...

so ur bak already? LOL Satish!


Krishna Kumar said...

Nenu Tashan choodalanukunna...kaani got a bad review from Dad and ippudu nee post kooda discourage chesindi...inkemelthaanu...???

ceedy said...

I will not read it till I see it...will get back to you on this :)

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Anonymous said...

Nenee cinema ni eppudo lite theesukunna :)

Satish Bolla said...

where was i telling the story line??? u can find this basic story everywhere on the net. So did u watch it?

back in ishtyle with Tashan.

parledhu baasu. chudu. logis anevi emi aalochinchakapothe okka saari chudochu.

Satish Bolla said...

i wrote this as soon as i saw the movie just because, i wanna give u a sneak preview of the movie b4 u see it. anyways, did u see it?

will check them soon buddy

manchi pani chesaav...

Realistic me.... said...

I could barely sit through the last half an hour. Am glad I came out alive out of the theatre. :))

aliens said...

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