Thursday, April 17, 2008


Sorry for posting about an untouched-terrain in my blog. I was reading this funny sms/mail for the past few years. It says:
"Virginity isn't dignity. Instead, it's lack of opportunity"
Well, I'm wondering if people agree with this or not?


Anonymous said...

I DON'T :)

Sree said...

well, in the western world it maybe true with the concept of dating and everything but the way we are brought up back home, even thinking about it being a taboo, I dont think it is true..

But I have wondered at times about it when I witnessed the increasing live-ins and listening to girls bragging about how they lost it.. it was like my head spinning at the speed of the earth :((.

Anonymous said...

i dnt really think it is true here :-/

Krishna Kumar said...

annayi...naaku illantidi okkati mail vachindi...adi naa blog lo post chedamanukunna...kaani ekkada mana akkalu nanu kodataronani drop ayya...actual ga aa article about re virginity...sarle avani enduku gaani...enti sangatulu ela undi nee worku...?

c e e d y said...

i would say yes - and that will make me a prude....

but as everything in life - this is also one bodily function that one needs to explore and learn and understand rather than waiting for the d-day of marriage - many couples sometimes suffer in silence when they are not intimately compatible....

even if i was in india - i would say the same thing - but honestly i had severe lack of opportunities ;)

Solitaire said...

HAHAHA! Disagree!

Anonymous said...
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Cinderella. said...

LOl..I have come across this.
I think I'll agree to it...hehehe !!

Cinderella. said...

But yeah, I mean the opportunity in a good way.
Not just any lay or a one-night stand or something like that !

Mez said...

Rubbish sms.Totally!

Keshi said...

Virginity is overrated. Infact it's just another bodily aspect.


Satish Bolla said...

even me

did ur head stopped spinning now?

mee too

antha ok baasu. not bad

will try to eplore as u commented... :P

me too

u agree!!!!! but i also agree with u as long as it's not a one-night flame

i also felt the same. but had a hearty laugh when i read it for the first time

wht do u say finally?