Wednesday, January 02, 2008


Everyone wants to note down what they did in the first day of the year. Even I’m one of those people. But this year end, I want to be a little different. So I'm penning down what I did on the last day of 2k7.
05 50 AM: Got up late by 10 minutes than usual time. In fact, my roomie woke me up late.
06 35 AM: Waiting for Naidu to pick me up and witnessed an accident where no one’s hurt. A BMW driven by Africans skidded on the wet road (but they were driving pretty recklessly) and hit a parked car.
07 20 AM: Came late to office by 20 minutes. But who cares? Everyone in office seems to be pretty bored (most of them came after a long vacation).
10 00AM: Feeling bored with the work. Mind seems to be blocked. Opened some long standing issue in the Leave Application system. Planning to close it off today.
12 00AM: Found that the above issue cannot be closed until I get the relevant data from SAP. Till now, I was thinking the other way round but now I’m sure that unless the data is available, I can’t get rid of this issue. Alerted the SAP guy about this.
12 15AM: Headed for the last lunch of the year.
01 00PM: Came back from lunch. Mailing users about the pending issues and trying to keep myself busy.
01 48PM: One user reported a small bug in one system and while checking it out, I found a blunder I did in it sometime back. Thank God, if anyone found it before, my yearend might’ve been a nightmare.
03 10PM: Got 1.6GB space on server by deleting one user. Kudos for being alert, Satish. You deserve more than what you get.
03 30PM: Adeos, my office – for the last time in the year. BTW, we were given a blender each on the occasion of the company annual day.
05 00PM: Got struck in the traffic. 30 minutes journey took more than an hour. Seems that the New Year eve rush started too early.
05 30PM: Skipped gym for the day. Feeling a bit lazy. Went for hair-cut instead and started watching the idiot box for info about various New Year festivities in India.
07 40PM: Started playing TombRaider for the last time in the year. I hope to finish it off at least in 2008!!!!!!
08 45PM: Got a call from a colleague to accompany him to TeluguKalaSamithi(TKS) as he had a meeting there. I said I’m sorry but he insisted and assured me that it won’t take much time and we’ll go for the New Year party directly from there.
10 30PM: At last, the so-called meeting finished and I’m eager to see how the party goes.
10 45PM: Went to Ramada Palace hotel and found that the party hall is too much crowded. Felt like grabbing a couple of drinks and kick off to home.
11 00PM: Met many people from TKS and started feeling at home. The unlimited drinks started to ease the pressure off me and felt like I’m ready to rock the dance floor(I’m a very bad dancer).
12 00AM: Happy New Year and end of this post. The festivities went on for some more time but they are all irrelevant in this post.

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