Saturday, January 26, 2008


Last week, I helped the Telugu Kala Samithi people to conduct a Bahrain Open Chess tournament. I did just the registration work for the participants. I don’t know anything about chess except some basic rules and moves. In fact, I never tried my hand in it. But after the registration process, I went in to see how the tourney is going on. I was astounded by the way small kids (most of them below 10 yrs) are playing. They are playing with the some kind of zeal (which I never felt in me) and expertise. For the first time in my life, I cursed myself for not learning the game. I hope to learn at least the basics of the game soon.


Sush said...

that is the passion that has either been congenital or inculcated in the kids.. you need to feel deeply to get that kind of an involvement.. good luck!!

Satish Bolla said...

yup, let's c how it goes and let's hope for the best

Wonderful Destiny said...

Good luck from me too, Satish. I am the same as you...actually even worse. I don't know how to play this game and this is one of my repents in life. Jeff started to teach me a while ago but we never got to finish the first game we started. The board is sitting just like that half finished for months now. Wonder when and if we will get to it.

Good luck for you though!