Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Lazy moviestic weekend

As days are passing on in Bahrain, I’m becoming quite lazy and started passing time like never before. One such example was my last weekend. It was dedicated to movies, movies and only movies. It all started with a never-before event. Till last weekend, I never watched a movie other than English, Hindi and Telugu, in theaters. But last weekend, I saw a movie, Billa in theater. I was fooled by the ads and the hype to watch it. The rest of the movies I watched are Nag’s Don, National Treasure 2, The Kingdom and Shooter.
Among the above, “Billa” and “Don” are all style but no substance. It’s a wastage of time to watch those(except for the heroines in both). “National Treasure 2: The book of secrets” is a time-pass flick but sometimes you feel that the movie is fooling you a lot: like the break-in into the Buckingham palace and White House by the lead pair and the so-called kidnap of the U.S president. One starts to wonder whether people are so stupid????? And some settings in the second half seem to be lifted straight from the Tomb Raider game. Nicholas Cage seemed to be older than he is.
“Shooter” is one of those engrossing thrillers of Mark Wahlberg. I never understand why this guy is repeatedly ignored by Hollywood. Well, coming to the movie, it has some awesome dialogues and some good fights. But don’t blame me if you are reminded of Telugu “Athadu” and Hindi “Tum Ko Na Bhool Payengi”. All these films resemble each other a lot.
Coming the final one, it’s the best of the lot. It’s “The Kingdom” starring Jamie Foxx, Chris Cooper and Jennifer Garner. The movie is about a bomb blast in an American compound in Saudi Arabia by some terrorists and its consequences. The first fifteen minutes of the movie is hard-hitting, the next one hour is dramatic and the final twenty or twenty-five minutes makes your heart beat faster with adrenalin. It has some awesome blast sequences worth a watch.
This is how I spent two valuable days. Next weekend, let’s hope for the best.


Sush said...

you mean more movies or no-more movies ;).

Satish Bolla said...

not both. few movies only. i saw a couple of age-old telugu movies on tv. but otherwise, this weekend was more fruitful