Thursday, October 04, 2007

New Vocab

I’ve heard about new languages like what they say Hinglish(a mixture of Hindi n English). Thanks to the Bollywood, this language is growing like anything. And people from Hyderabad are very much aware of the mixture of Telugu and Hindi there. But a new vocabulary for an old language!!!!!! I never heard of this until I got a job. I’m talking about the English used by our bosses.

Scene 1 : Boss says “You are working hard”. Don’t take it as it is. Beware of the storm come. It actually means that he’s going to whack your bottom about some work you recently finished.
Scene 2 : Boss says “The weather is pleasant”. Don’t fall into this soup. It means you are going to work overtime until the weather in your brain changes.
Scene 3 : Boss says “We are a team”. Don’t feel proud of your colleagues. It means boss’s going to assign most of his work to you.

All are cleverly concealed phrases which seem to be harmless but they have the potential to grab all your free time. I believe these are not just the words used by my manager but they are, in fact, used by most of the management people. I don’t know from where they learn these things. Seems that whoever gets the managerial position inherits these phrases just like that!!!!!!!!! Now, even I’m wishing “when’ll I learn this language????????”

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