Friday, October 12, 2007


Watching horror and thriller flicks has almost become an obsession for me in the recent past. One horror movie every weekend is a ritual for me. Over the past few weeks, I’ve seen quite a big list of these but nothing could really satisfy my thirst for a good horror movie – something which scares me and entertains me at the same time.

Two nights back, I brought SAW on rental. I’ve heard quite a few praises for the movie but somehow I’ve no interest in this movie. So as usual, around 10 PM, I started watching it. Immediately, I forgot all the surroundings and switched off my mobile. Something told me that this is the one. You can’t call it a complete horror movie but it’s a horrific thriller. I never heard of the director or any of the cast of the movie (except Danny Glover) but still I was awestruck by the creative mind of the makers of the movie. The sadism they showed in the movie made me close my eyes a couple of times. It was clearly a movie for the grownups (but not for weak hearts) and there’s no scope for sex in the movie even though it was clearly marked 18+.

It has some of the best twists and turns I’ve seen in the recent times. I bet no one can guess the climax of the movie unless they hear it from someone before watching the movie. It has all the ingredients of a true pot-boiler. And the fact that it was a very small budget film compared to all other stupid horror flicks that I’ve been watching for quite some weeks made it more interesting for me. You won’t believe me if I say that once the movie’s finished, I was looking at my legs before getting up to switch of the idiot box(you’ll know about this once you see the movie).

It was of no surprise that I was back in the DVD shop yesterday looking for SAW 2 which I watched last night. It was also equally good as the first one. Equally good twists and equally good sadism and equally good entertainment and equally new star cast and equally good sound effects. I’m looking forward to watch the third edition of this movie tonight unless I go out.

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