Sunday, October 28, 2007


As stated in my previous posts, horror movies have become a must in my weekend schedules. This weekend, I decided to buy something old and effective instead of all those new and boring flicks. So I bought the ever green “Evil Dead” series. I’ve already seen all the parts but it’s been long back and when I saw it, I was too young to understand it completely. So, last night, I watched the first part quite eagerly. Even though the ghosts looked a bit comic, it has its very own thrills and chills. The makeup seemed to be one of the worst(this movie’s pretty old), but maybe its the best of its times. The camera work and sound effects are fairly good enough to compete with the modern day techniques.
Coming to the story of this movie, it’s about five youngsters, two males and three females, who plan for a holiday in a deserted farmhouse in the woods. They reach their destination after a near-miss accident. They find a hidden cellar which contains a book bound with human flesh, a tape player, a gun and some other random items. The tape contains the voice of a man who claims to be investigating the evil forces. The voice recites some chants which can bring the evil forces into life. And the rest is history……. You can watch the movie, if you give value to the sound effects rather than the ghost visuals, on a lazy evening with a couple of friends.
By-the-way, does any of you know that the writer and director of this movie is the acclaimed Sam Raimi(the Spiderman fame)??????

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