Thursday, November 29, 2007

Self Help

Some people think that you are good and some people think that you’re bad. But what do you think of yourself? Did you ever try to recall your entire past and rate yourself accordingly? Did you ever think of all the misdeeds and the good things you did and come to a conclusion about yourself? I was trying to do this for quite sometime but was not able to reach a proper conclusion.
Let me note down some points which may help me reaching a proper conclusion about myself:
1. I just can’t tolerate the sight of an aged person begging. I end up giving them whatever I can give maximum as alms. I think that I’m helping them but sometimes, I feel that I’m spoiling them instead of helping. Same is the case of child beggars, I’ll be moved but in most of the cases, I end up shouting at them.
2. I can’t tolerate people’s negligence and scold them until they give their proper attention to the neglected things/work. But I, myself, neglect most of the things. Am I rude to others?
3. I drink and smoke occasionally.
4. I’m very very lazy.
5. I love to be poetic.
6. I’m addicted to the idiot box and love to get lost in the dream world of movies.
7. Sometimes, I give importance to negligible things but tend to neglect the more important issues.
8. I love to break the rules and neglect the orders.
9. I want to grab others’ attention all the time.
10. I love to share others’ sorrows but I expect them to share their joys too with me.
11. I love to sleep late hours but hate to get up early.
I know that all the above points are irrelevant and don’t mean anything to others around me but these are only some of the things I can recollect. And even after spending a lot of time trying to recollect and write them here, I’m back to square one. I just can’t come to a decision about myself. But I believe that spending some time think about your pro’s and con’s every now-n-then, you can end up learning more about yourself and try to mend up your ways. For example, I just read this article completely and found that I’m wasting too much time writing silly things. So this is what I call ”Self-Help”!!!!!!!!!!


sahasra said...

Knowing abt one self is really really difficult.The reason may be our inner soul(at least inner soul is very bad,got too much attachment to senses) commands us to think always positive abt ourself.Sometimes we may express our opinion which may be rude/harsh/hurting,but atmaram says that we r always correct.Gud that u cud put down some points abt urself.As a youngster,I won't consider most of them as negative aspects though..Trying to learn 'em is a gud venture to benefit u in future.

Satish Bolla said...

yup, thanx for da comments. anyways, ippudu ivanni raasaaka oka ideal person avvali ani thega try chesesthunna. but chaala kastam ani anipisthundhi