Sunday, November 11, 2007

Om Shanti Om

The frequent visitors to my blog might have already known that my habit is to watch a horror movie every Friday night. But last night, I watched a different ghost movie. No no, don’t think that it’s a usual horror flick. This has a ghost in just a cameo appearance. It’s our Bollywood ka Bhadshah Shahrukh Khan’s latest flick, Om Shanti Om(OSO).
There have been many high expectations, as usual, on this movie. First of all, it’s because SRK has not only starred in the movie but also produced it. And it’s directed by SRK’s best buddy, Farah Khan. It has Deepika Padukone, a supermodel, as the female lead. There were guest appearances by, almost, whole Bollywood stars.
Coming to the movie, it’s an out-n-out entertainer packed with a lot of filmish masala It’s the story of Om(a junior artiste), Shanti(a leading actress) and Om(again, but this time a super-star). The movie starts in the 70’s with the shooting of the title song of the 70’s blockbuster, Karz. Our Om Prakash is a junior artist who waits for his lucky break with his junior artiste mother, Kiron Kher and his best buddy, Pappu(Shreyas Thalpade). He’s a great fan of the leading actress of the time, Shantipriya, played convincingly by the lovely Deepika. He gets introduced to her when he saves her from a fire accident in one of her shoots. They become friends soon and just when he waits for a chance to express his love for her, he comes to know of the bitter truth that she’s already married to a foxy producer Mukesh Mehra(played well by Arjun Rampal). Then there was a betrayal( just as you would expect it) and our lead pair dies.
Fast forward the time by 30 years and viola, you are outside the house of a superstar, Om Kapoor or OK, as he fondly calls himself. He’s adamant, he’s stupid who goes by his own terms. The rest of the story is how he finds out about his previous birth, how he meets the people of that birth and how he takes his revenge.
The first-half is pretty good with many lighter moments while the second half drags a little bit. The scene in which SRK plays the Quickgun Murugan is one of the best moments of the movie. He plays the role so convincingly and his “Mind it” surely brings laughs on everyone’s faces. Coming to the performances, SRK has given one of his best performances while Deepika did justice to her role. The others also played well, particularly Arjun Rampal even though he was not given his dutiful share of the pie.
The cameos of the who’s-who of Bollywood was extremely well done. Particularly, Akshay Kumar’s cameo is outstanding in the movie. Even though he stars for a little more than a minute, he steals the show so convincingly. If you don’t think about the logic, you’ll enjoy the movie thoroughly. But if you think about it, as I did, you might find some loop holes like:
1. We were told that Arjun Rampal is a big producer in Hollywood who’s been there for over 25 years. And the scene when SRK threatens him that if he backs off from his movie, he’ll become bankrupt isn’t so convincing. How can a big Hollywood producer go bankrupt if his Bollywood movie fails to kick off?
2. We were shown SRK being brought to hospital with a lot of gashes and cuts. And when we are shown his dead body, he’s as clean as a male model in a shaving cream ad!!!!!!!!!
But movies are meant to be like this. So I advice you to go to the theatre, buy your pop-corn and coke and leave 2 hours and 40 minutes of your time to SRK.


Apple said...

Cinema sangathi vadiley kanee review enti ila professional ga raasav? Naaku idlebrain Jeevi review chadoothunnattu undi...:)

Satish Bolla said...

abey, adhemi ledhu. konchem serious gaa raadhaam ani. anthe. asalu manchi review jeevitham lo okkasaarainaa raayagalana ani testing chesa. inthake review ela raasa?

sahasra said...

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