Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Aanand Bazaar

Even though I’m in Bahrain for quite sometime, I was never away from the Telugu flavor thanks to Telugu Kala Samithi(TKS), a social club found by some Telugu people in Bahrain about 8 years back. Various programs and workshops are conducted by this club for both members and non-members.
Last weekend, there was one such event called Anand Bazaar. This event is conducted by Shakti, the ladies wing of TKS. Women cook various dishes at home and sell them at the TKS premises for reasonable prices. The good thing about this event is the dishes that we get in this are very rare to find in this part of the world. So it seems like we are in our native place enjoying our favorite dishes. This years’ menu included the following items:
1. Pesarattu – Upma
2. Punukulu
3. Pulihora
4. Bobbatlu
5. Perugu Vada
6. Bhel Puri
7. Paani Puri
8. Lassi etc.
And there were some games to entice kids too. But the bad thing is, I was entrusted the tickets sale for this event at the venue. By the time I finished my job, there were very items left for me to taste.

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Apple said...

Sathibabu..ivannee naaku cheytam vachoocchhhhhh! Mundu kavalsinavi thinesi kadaa ticket counterlo koorchovaali..