Monday, October 27, 2008

Blood donation

After coming to Bahrain, I got smitten by a few qualities, one of which being the "Blood Donation" bug. So far, in my two year stay in Bahrain, I've donated it 5 times. I know that it's not a big deal, but considering the fact that I've never donated blood during my stay in India, this is some achievement for me. A picture of mine, donating blood at a blood camp arranged in my office, came in an Arabic newspaper too.

However, the real reason behind this post is not to brag about me donating blood. I noticed that many healthy people around me(some close friends too) just brushed off the very thought of donating blood citing different reasons. Some said they are weak(one of them looks like a goon), some said they are under medication(I know well that the only medicine they take is alcohol) and some just because they are scared. I tried to encourage them(not bullying) and educate them, even though it's up to them to decide, in vain.

What else is a better medium these days than a blog to educate people? So I gathered some valuable information on net which might help you in knowing the importance and myths of blood donation.

Some interesting facts about blood and blood donation:

1. There is no substitute for human blood.
2. Much of today's medical care depends on a steady supply of blood from healthy donors.
3. Every two seconds someone needs blood.
4. Anyone who is in good health, is at least 17 years old, and weighs at least 110 pounds may donate blood every 56 days.
5. Only a maximum of 470ml of blood is taken at one session, which is just less than a pint.
6. Giving blood will not decrease your strength.
7. You cannot get AIDS or any other blood disease by donating blood.
8. After donating blood, you replace your red blood cells within three to four weeks. However, takes four to six weeks to restore the iron lost after donating.

The need for donating blood might be well understood by the fact that Statistics indicate that everybody will need blood(from a donor) in some way or the other. The approximate amount of blood needed in various incidents is as per below:

1. One cancer patient can use up to 8 units of blood each week.
2. One leukemia patient can use up to 2 units each day while waiting for a bone    marrow transplant
3. One sickle cell anemia patient can use up to 4 units each treatment.
4. One organ transplant can take up to 40 units of blood (a liver transplant can use up to 100 units!).
5. One heart bypass surgery can use up to 5 units of blood.
6. One bleeding ulcer can use up to 30 units of blood.
7. One hip replacement can use up to 5 units of blood.
8. One brain surgery can use up to 10 units of blood.
9. One auto accident or gunshot/stab wound victim can use up to 50 units of blood.

I get a happy n content smile on my face when I remember about my last blood donation. The reason behind that happiness is just because of the simple fact that I helped in saving someone's life. I'll be more happy if this post helps you to understand the need for donating blood.


brocasarea said...

thanks for the awareness...really appreciate....i have donated[3times] blood too in our feels good to save some one!!:)

Sree said...

that is very noble thing to do.. i will post one on this too.. proud of you pillakay

Krishna Kumar said...

Hmmm...nenu cheyaleni pani nuvvu chesavu...proud of you bro...

vinu said...

thanks for donation, meeru gather chesina information matram chala mandiki upayogapaduthundi, emaina doubts tho donate cheyani vallaku, inka blood entha mandhiki avasaramo kuda telustundi, ipudu hyd lo chala offices lo ante bulk drug medical companies naku telisi) evaraina palana group blood kavali ani call cheste vallu valla employees ni pampistunnaru, konni companies lo ayithe dhani kosam oka dept. kuda vuntundi, oka phone number ichi dhaniki sms cheste chalu valle contact chestunnaru

Vee... said...

u've done a good thing! even i donated my blood a few times in the past. and i have no issues donating blood. :)

Swathi said...

hey good job buddy...i donated blood twice in my life time and it was always a proud moment for me, not only me but all other in my family except my mom have donated blood atleast once! and the information which u shared was enlightening one!

ceedy said...

Wow...good and noble thing and thanks for the awareness...

I just hope you dont donate after a drinking spree :P

Pavi!!!! said...

Blood Donation is a topic that makes me extremely sad...well..i've tried to donate blood so many times..but docs have never let me do it..some wld take the pains of checking my weight n then tellin me im a misfit for it..n some wld just look at me n say "sorry wont be possible". There was this one hosp..where i started cryin real badly when the doc sd no..n they sd "mabbe i could donate blood when a newborn is in need of it"..well..hopefully some day i ll be able to do this noble task!

n yes my weight is well below 110 pounds.

Anonymous said...

Good Job Sathi....'ve donated once, very long ago...
Thanks for sharing the info :)

Keshi said...

wow quite informative!

I hv never donated blood...mebbe cos Im scared of needles! :(


Keshi said...

btw once a doc chased me ard the table to give me a needle!


Satish Bolla said...

thanx for reading this post and dropping-by to post ur valuable comments. it's our duty to help our fellow human beings and this is what i did exactly.