Sunday, October 05, 2008

F1 - Singapore Grand Prix

I knew it. And now, most of you also might have noticed it. For those who didn't notice it, let me tell you what it is. It is the truth that I've been so lazy in Bloggerville these days. I promise you that I'll be back to normal soon. Now, soon means very soon. Anyways, let me get back to my crap.

It was around 9 years back, when I was first introduced to the world of F1. I was mesmerized by all those mean machines at the first look itself. Right from that moment, I was an ardent fan of Ferrari, thanks to Michael Schumacher(aka. Schumi). It was my dream to watch a race on the track and this year, it was fulfilled at the Bahrain GP.

I try my best to not to miss a race, if at all I don’t have office during the race. But I never bunked office for F1(except for the Bahrain GP). But last week, I left office early to catch the Singapore GP. It was because of the fact that this race is the first night race in the history of F1. There were lot of expectations from the track.

As usual, being a bit lazy, I missed the first couple of minutes of the race. The track promised a lot, as overtaking was a bit tough on this one. I fell in love with the track, until the safety car intervened. My fav for the title contender, Felipe Massa of the Ferrari team, became a zero from hero within a few seconds. He was leading the race when the safety car intervened and had to join at the end of the pack of the cars. His(and my) hopes further crashed when he got off to a horrendous start at the pits with the fuel pipe still attached to the car, thanks to the green light. He was awarded a 10 second penalty and had to fall back further.

By now, I lost interest in the race but continued to watch for McLaren’s Lewis Hamilton and Ferrari’s Kimi Raikkonen. But Kimi smashed everyone’s hopes by crashing in the final laps. And Fernando Alonso had won the race, despite starting the race from 15th position.

Overall, the race was a good one with a few great moments, like Hamilton overtaking
David Coulthard. But, sincerely, I felt that the safety car rules should be modified after witnessing what happened to the race leader, Felipe Massa. There are still 3 more races left in the season and there’s a 7 point difference between the championship leader, Lewis Hamilton and the second placed Massa which means that Massa has to win at least one race with a big margin. Let’s wish all the best for the red team.

Image Courtesy: The Official site for Formula One


vinu said...

hi satish garu

meeru ee roju (sunday) edaina blog lo rastarani anipinchindi anduke open chesa vundi, chadiva (chepppaga inthakumunde meeku telugu lo lekapothe ela vuntundo) alane chadiva


brocasarea said...

am not into f1 much but do appreciate the sport:)...its just too amazing!

ceedy said...

How are your ears?

Must be an awesome experience...great..that you had fun...:)

Swathi said...

hey satish...i keep checking ur blog everyday and glad to see a new post from u after coming back from India. Coming back to not much into no idea..but its nice to know that there night car racing too!!!

Krishna Kumar said...

Baagundi...naaku invitation vachindi,night track lo tolamani...kaakunte naa bandiki nimmakaayalu,pasupu,kumkuma petti aayuda pooja cheyaali kada..asale dussera ani alochinchi time vachi tolta le...appudu nannu chooduvu kaani :P :D

keerthicherukuri said...

Manakindulo knowledge, info nillu...Glad to see ur post Sathi

Satish Bolla said...

edho okati, mothaaniki chadhivaava ledha annadhi important. emi cheyyanu?

Satish Bolla said...

thanx buddy. u'll like it once u start watching it more intensively

Satish Bolla said...

i saw this singapore F1 on tv, bro. but when i watched the bahrain GP, even though my friends insisted on ear plugs, i never wore any. just to enjoy the sport to the max

Satish Bolla said...

thanx for devoting sometime to check my blog for updates(even though they r bull-shit!!!!). anyways, this was the first night race in history of F1 and next year they've plans for a second track in abu dhabi

Satish Bolla said...

baasu, tv lo clear gaa kanapadavemo gaani, naaku oka invitation with flight ticket pampu. thappakunda vasthaa

Satish Bolla said...

puvvu puttagaane parimalisthundhi, but manishiki alaa kaadhu gaa. edho oka started undaali. so don't worry much