Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Weird Habits

I’ve a sister. Not a normal one. Like God gives siblings, orkut gave me her. As she doesn’t have any work, she wrote something on her blog and tagged me too to write about the same. It’s about my six weird habits. First, the rules (this seems to be a custom):

- thebratbeanandbedlam (I didn’t get it. Got to read this one again tomorrow)
- Post the rules on your blog (Done)
- Share six non-important things/habits/quirks about yourself (I don’t know whether these are important or not)
- Tag six random people at the end of your post by linking to their blogs (very tough as Keerthakka already tagged all the persons whom I know in the blog-world, but let me find some bakras somehow)
- Let each random person know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their

Now the list of my weird habits:

1. I have lots of weird habits with respect to sleeping. I can’t tolerate any sounds while sleeping, be it snoring or even a person walking beside me. I wake up at even the faintest of the sounds. My roommates in engineering named my sleep as “kodi nidhra” which means a hen’s sleep. A hen wakes up at even a needle drop.
2. One other weird habit while sleeping is I can’t get sleep unless I play some games on my mobile or read some books. This one doesn’t change even if I’m too tired.
3. I like to spend lots of time with kids rather than grown-ups. I’ve kids as friends wherever I go. My latest friend is Kashyap, my colleagues’ son who loves to spend time with me rather than his parents. I just love this guy.
4. I love to watch horror movies when everybody is sleeping. Thanks to my home theatre and my neighbours, I watch them at full blast every Friday night after 10. There are lots of articles about this habit of mine in my blog.
5. I never care about my hair/dress. There are instances when I went to parties in the shabbiest of dresses and I went played cricket in brand new attires. Sometimes, I play with my hair applying styling gels and make weird hairstyles. But this habit is strictly when no one’s around me.
6. I curse my shopping habit a lot. I buy every stupid thing I like even though I know that I’ll never use it. One such article is a funky cargo trouser for which I shelled out 23 Bahraini Dinars(equal to around 75 USD). But in the end, it’s so funky that I didn’t wear it more than a couple of times.

Now, the final part of the article. As said above, Keerthakka tagged almost all the people I know through blogs. So I now tag the only one left, Deepthi, to write about her wackiest habits.


Apple said...

Anthaa bagane vundi..madhyalo naaku pani ledu anna nijanni prapanchaniki chaati cheppalsina avasaram vundaa...:(( waahhhhhh...meekandarikee kullu nenu bewaars ani..Huhhh...Grrrr!

Satish Bolla said...

jagamerigina satyaanni mallee naa blog dwaara theliyachesthunna. anthe

Solitaire said...

number 5 is truly weird. the rest seem normal.

Satish Bolla said...

what's so weird abt that? i'm suffering frm hair-fall and so can't go out with wacky hairstyles. so i please myself like this..... ;)

Anonymous said...

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