Friday, February 29, 2008

Back to basics

The other day, I went for a stroll with the cute lil' friend of mine, Kashyap. This kid wanted to go to a mall but it's too late to visit that mall. So instead, I took him to a supermarket and we were window shopping after buying a few chocolates for him. Suddenly, this guy started shouting "Whooost, uncle". I couldn't understand it and saw towards the direction which he's pointing to. There was a sale of the "Boost", a well known nutritional energy drink.
In childhood, this was my favourite but I don't remember what compelled my parents to shift to another drink "Bournvita". It's been years since I tasted Boost. So I decided to buy one this time and enjoy the flavours of my childhood. And the coincidence is, I'm writing this sipping a hot cup of Boost. Thank you, Kashyap.


Krishna Kumar said...

Boost is the secret of your energy...and aa secret ni illa cheppesthe ela..??

Apple said...

Sathi..Nuvvu Uncle aaa...hehehe...pellayina maake ilanti probs anukunna...meeku kooda thappaledannamata...chakkaga mamayya ani pilisthe entha baguntundi :(...btw naakoo boost istam...chacolate horlicks kooda...

Wonderful Destiny said...

Hey...hey...Satish..this is a real coincidence. Someone I know is coming from India and just a few minutes before opening your blog I was thinking of asking them to bring me Boost!!

I don't remember the taste of it but I used to religiuosly drink it because my childhood hero Kapil Dev endorsed it on TV. That was reason enough for me to drink it even though I hated milk when I was a kid.

You brought a flood of childhood memories and a happy smile on my face with your blog. Thanks a lot!

Satish Bolla said...

Some secrets are meant to be revealed

Maa Kashyap age just 3 years ye. but nenu Hyd lo maa baabai vaalla itnilo undagaa maa cousin frnds kuda "uncle ane pilichi vaaru". Ponile chinna pillalu anukundhaam antey okkokkadu 9th class.... :(

Happy Boost drinking. Am drinking one cup every mrng..... ;)

Keshi said...


I love it!


Sree said...

good :).. enjoy and savor it :).