Sunday, February 24, 2008

India Report

As most of you know, I was just back from a short but sweet vacation in India. Surely, India has developed in giant leaps and bounds in the past few years. But there are a few things which I noticed, in this visit, to be in the same place ever since the times I can remember. Let me list some of them:
1. I was directly asked for a bribe at the Hyderabad airport as I was carrying excess cigarettes than those permitted. I was carrying 600 and the permissible limit is only 200, which I don’t know. I was told to either pay Rs 500/- as bribe or Rs 1000/- as tax. What I paid is an entirely different thing, anyway.
2. I went for a drive with my family on the main road when a police vehicle came in front of us from a sideway without any signal. What’s more annoying is that the driver was abusing my father for not slowing down and giving way for them, even though they came from the wrong side.
3. Another day, we were on the high way in our car, waiting at a signal. The signal flashed green and we started to cross it normally. We were in the middle of the road when a RTC (public transport) bus came towards us at high speed from the other side. The driver didn’t even slow down his vehicle when he saw people crossing the road. It was sheer luck that no one is injured in this incident. Maybe the people are used to incidents like this in such a way that they are able to get away just in time.
4. On the final day of my vacation, I was passing-by a flyover which’s under construction in the heart of the Hyderabad city. There were a number of child labourers working there. If it is like this in the capital of the state, imagine what might be going on at other places.

I noticed some more incidents like the above ones during my stay. India can never be called a developed country unless the government takes care of issues like this.

Note: I don't mean to degrade India by keeping "xx" in place of marks in the above picture. Inconvenience is regretted.


Krishna Kumar said...

i remembered a scene from RDB,in which Aamir gives bribe to a police men..and su that bribe...and siddarth replies..
'Su,Welcome to India"...
anyways...hope India become a super power by 2020

Jai Hind

Apple said...

hmmm..entha ginjukunna kadanaleni nijam...+ve points kooda rayavoyy sathi...

Sree said...

i do understand Satish, marks veyyananta maatrana manaki prema lenattu kadu but it is an unfortunate truth!!

carolinagal said...
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carolinagal said...
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carolinagal said...

Thanks for this blog Satish. Its really sad to know all this...but I guess thats the reality.

Solitaire said...

People look at the malls, mcdonalds, multiplexes, and wear tank tops to college and think "india is changing. we are modern."

My foot!!!

Keshi said...

yuk @bribe! That's Sri Lanka too btw.

Anyways I didnt ask Becks to be clean n all..he's known to be a top clean-freak anyways :)


Satish Bolla said...

lage raho, india.

seems dat many people r misleaded by my post. will write another one soon.

thanx for da support

thanx for hopping by

u r right but still indians r indians at heart

didn't get da srilanka part. wat's that?

Keshi said...

abt giving n taking bribes to get things done..