Monday, September 17, 2007

Weekend Movies

One of my favorite weekend pastimes is to stay tight in my room and watch movies on DVD’s. My average number of movies over a weekend is never less than two. My last weekend has been a pure Bollywood one. I saw many Bollywood movies out of which I want to discuss about two similar movies among them. They are not similar in their story lines or their cast but they are similar in the theme that underlines the storyline of these two movies. It’s the spirit of sportsmanship and self-confidence. The two movies are “Chak De India” and “Apne”. Both are the stories of underdogs, but the former is about a underdog team while the latter is about a underdog “family”. Both are about tough coaches, the coach in the former wants his team to win while in the latter, he seems to want his family members to win. Sounds weird, right?
“Chak De, India” is about the dream of a former Indian hockey team captain who takes up the challenging job of the highly neglected Indian Women’s hockey team and how he made his dream true. “Apne” is about a former Olympic silver medal winning boxer, who’s branded a dope, and his dreams about making someone the world champion in boxing. Even though both the themes are same, their way of execution is entirely different. “Chak De, India” is about a team whose members are culturally and mentally different and the story is about bringing them together as a team and inspiring them to take over the world. “Apne” is more like a typical Bollywood movie with the story revolving around a family with 5 or 6 songs thrown in-between the plot. While “Chak De, India” is a brave attempt to show the discrimination of the sporting boards on certain players and teams, “Apne” banks heavily on the typical Indian Drama. My vote is definitely to “Chak De” while I strongly assure you to give a miss to “Apne” (you definitely would not like the heavy weight boxers to have a lot of fat at the abdominal area that shows up whenever the player moves!!!!!)


Apple said...

Chak De India story thelsu kanee Apne ki intha base vundani theleedu..good that u warned us aganist watching it...:D

Apple said...

Sathiiii....nuvvu blog hopping cheyyava? nuvvokkadive ila posts chesukodam kaadu...manchi blogger ante anni blogs thrigi chakkaga andari posts ni criticize/appreciate chese vallu...:P