Sunday, September 09, 2007

Indian Idol 3

Being an ardent fan of music, I was watching various singing contests on the idiot box. One show that kept on topping the charts in my list is Indian Idol. Can’t say the reason why it remains on the top of my list every year but maybe just because it’s not just a run-of-the-mill kind of singing contest. It’s more like a reality show. It looks into the personal life of the contestants and keeps on building up their moral whenever they are in need of it. The best thing I like in it is even the persons who fail to reach it over to the final step are also treated as winners and incorporates the never-say-die spirit in them.
I don’t think I missed even a single episode of Indian Idol 1st and 2nd editions. But I was not able to follow much of the episodes of 3rd and current edition. Wait, wait – thanks to Internet, I was able to follow most of the episodes which I missed, in my leisure time. Now coming back to Indian Idol 3, all the 10 people who made it to the final 10 are all competitive and talented. I personally feel that this is the best 10 among all the Indian Idol editions. I was a fan of each and every one of them. Right now, I was watching the result of the final 3 of the current edition. All of the 3 people who are on the top of my list reached this stage. They are Emon, Prashanth and Amit. The organizers took them to their native places before this episode and they aired the footage that was taken during these visits on this episode. Wow, it was great to see their popularity among their own people. They’ve turned heroes from the boy-next-doors. But you should remember the hard work they did to reach this stage.
It was tough to chose the finalists from the above 3 contestants. But this is life. Someone or the other should lose so that there’ll be winner in any contest. As feared, Emon lost out to the other two people. No wonder, he’s a good singer but the other two are definitely challenging. The farewell message from him was one of the best I’ve heard in any contest. The confidence he had shown in stating that he’ll definitely make it big in the singing industry is definitely worth a big applause. Some of his final words are “I may not be Sony Entertainment Television’s Indian Idol. But someday, I’ll definitely become India's Idol and show the world”. I was not sure about his exact wordings but this is the message that he wanted to convey. Imagine how much confidence one should’ve to say these words in front of the whole nation!!!! Kudos, Emon. All the best for the great heights that you are about to scale in the future. And all the best Prashanth and Amit.

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Apple said...

Nice write up sathi...your thoughts abt this show are inducing me to start watching this..