Sunday, September 23, 2007

Lucky Escape

I’m going to recall one incident that happened just 3 days back. I never expected that I’ll be in such a situation and I can never imagine how I got away with this. I am not a regular smoker but I smoke sometimes. Last Thursday, after coming back from office, I thought buying some DVD’s. It was around 4 45PM then. So I went to the DVD shop with a cigarette in my hand. It was about 5 minutes walk from my flat. So I was walking in a lazy stride to the shop. En-route, I noticed that some of the passer-by’s were looking at me quite strangely. I thought that it was just my misconception and rubbed off the suspicion. As I neared my destination, I saw that the roads were deserted. It was then that the truth struck me like a bolt. It’s the holy month of Ramadan and I’m in one of the Arab countries, Bahrain. We are not supposed to be noticed walking around doing any sort of things that might hurt the feelings of Muslims till about 5 30 pm during the entire month. We should not even drink water in front of them till they break their fast. And here I’m, with a cigarette in my hand………. I just threw it away and walked away silently taking a different route to my flat. You might be thinking what will happen if someone stops me. Nothing would have happened except that I might languish in the jail for a day or two, with some fine too. As this happened on Thursday evening, I would’ve served more than 2 days (the courts have off on weekends, Fridays and Saturdays).......

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