Thursday, October 19, 2006

Life - a personal view

The most important and hot topic(this is what people feel) among people is LOVE. But not many agree that Love is just an ingredient of Life but not Life itself. A person has to know about Life before he even attempts to know about Love. But sadly, there's no precise view on Life for anyone as they have on Love. One can clearly see that Love always makes a hot topic between people and most of the times, Life's a completly forgotten topic. Just observe the case of Slam books. In almost all those books, a query regarding the definition of Love will be present. I, myself, had seen amd answered lots of queries on Love but never came across even a single query about Life. Simply, this shows the impact of Love on people(more precisely, on the Society).

Let me give a simple abbreviation for Life.


First of all, let's focus on L. As you saw, it stands out for LABOUR which points out to the effort one has to put to reach the goal of his/her own life.
Then comes I which refers to INDEPENDENCE, which's just a simple word to many. Here INDEPENDENCE refers to the individuality that has to be maintained in all the tasks dome by a person.
Then comes F, the most significant letter. It stands out for FRIENDS who are our co-passengers in the journey of Life. A person's nature can be said by just knowing about his friends. Friends, here, comprise of the normal friends, relatives, loved ones etc. Please note that lover also comes in this category which make Love just a part of Life.
Last but not least, there's E which stands out for ENEMIES. These are the most undesirable people but they definitely play a significant role in one's development. Life becomes more challenging and adventurous with the presence of these people. Just imagine playing a game without opponents!! Sometimes, enemies help more than friends in our development.

The above stated abbreviation is just my view on life. Everyone has their own but I doubt whether anyone of us knows the perfect definition. As a child, no one knows anything about Life but just about his surroundings. As a teen, many feel on top of the world and as if they have the perfect knowledge on Life. This is my own experience and I can bet many of the teens that they feel the same.

Just after teenage, people feel as if the world fell upon them and as if they are surrounded by repsonsibilities but not by other people. Then comes marriage. I need not explain that as everyone has an idea about that. And finally, at old age, one feels as if his/her life is over, that they cleared all their responsibilties and wait for their end.

This is just the routine view of Life. Life just goes on boring if one follows this path blindly. Be dynamic in your thoughts and always think positively. Whatever is the task infront of u, start with self-confidence and follow a systematic path to fufill it. But beware of one thing at this stage: don't let over-confidence replace the self-confidence. This should be your way of tachkling situations.

There's no road that is without up's and down's. Similarly there's no life that's without joys and sorrows. Look at all the situations with one perspective - I AM GOING TO CLEAR THIS. This may be a bit difficult but not impossible.

Let me present you something that one should follow to have a positive thinking on Life:

Given a Heculian task
First of all, look for what it asks.
With the constraints in sight
and when you know your path is right,
start with all your might.
Work day and night
In case of any obstruction
just focus your vision
and strive for it's destruction.

Dont' give any recess
and Bingo! You can reap your fruits of success.

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