Thursday, December 11, 2008

A real longggggg weekend

Hi folks, my sincere apologies for being away for the past 10 days or so. We got a real looonggggg weekend of 6 days here - a couple of days for the weekend and 4 days for the Eid-Al-Adha(also called Bakrid back home in India). I thought of making this weekend an Internet-free one and never checked even my office mail, except when I went to office for a couple of hours during these 6 days.

Well, a lot of things happened during this weekend, including a Bachelor party and some unwanted shopping and lot of sleeping. I played cricket a couple of times and my weakness for fuller straight balls showed up yet again. I was bowled both the times and the last occasion, I sprained my shoulder while fielding. Now, it almost healed.

Coming to the bachelor party, guys from the Telugu community here wanted to host a bachelor party for quite some time. Don’t assume that all those guys were bachelors. Out of the total 16 people who attended the party, only 3 of us were bachelors and a couple of forced bachelors were also present. The party was held at my flat as it was the only bachelor flat around which can hold so many people. We hired a cook for the cooking and I had to clean the flat all by myself because most of my friends had office the day before the party. Believe me, I never thought that my flat had so many items(I saw some crockery which I never saw before)!!!! Anyways, I was too tired after all the cleaning as it’s been a long while since we cleaned the whole flat. I cleaned a whole 4 kilos of prawns while helping the cook(I never even touched a raw prawn before).

The day of the party has finally arrived. The age groups of the guests varied from 25 to 62. The eldest guy had a son who’s older than me. The menu was long but all the items were prepared at home itself. The menu included chicken 65, mutton sukka, pepper prawns, chicken curry, fried fish, onion pakodas, fried rice and carrot curry. The beverage list included Chivas Regal, Fosters and Grants. A total of three and half bottles of whisky made its way down the throats of attendees along with a couple of crates of beer. Another interesting aspect in the party was the rummy game which I played with a huge group after a real long time. I lost money in almost all the games except the last game in which I made some profit too(the stakes were higher in this one). The party finally finished at 4 45 AM the next day(it was the time when I bid adieu to the last of the guests).

So far, everything looked fine. But, our troubles started the next day when we had to do the cleaning of utensils, glasses and the whole flat all over again. The cook, who promised to visit us the next day, was nowhere to be seen and again all my friends had to go to office. It took us(me) almost two days to clean the whole mess one-by-one(we made plans to finish everything off in phases). Now, we are almost back to normal(hey, where’s my tiny aquarium which used to be right next to my laptop?).

Next big thing during these holidays was my unwanted shopping. My stupid shopping list included a 256 GB external hard disk, a 10.1 mega pixel CASIO digital camera, an electronic shaver(all are on discounted prices) etc. The main reason why this shopping is called unwanted is because I don’t really need any of these items and the second reason is this shopping was done when I was really running low on cash.

And yesterday, it was the Indian night at the Nation’s Art Festival here in Bahrain. I was very much depressed with that program because out of some 15 events during the night, only 5 or 6 really depicted the true Indian culture. Only Andhra Pradesh and Assam did their part well in depicting their culture. All other events are Bollywood based dances. But believe me, it was too hard to hold a handycam steady for long with the cold wind blowing hard at you.

Well folks, this is what happened during my absence from the Bloggerville. Will be around from now on.


ceedy said... back to the base :)

dude but there is more to the bachelor party that you did not do??????

I am looking forward to not one but two 6 day weekends in the coming weeks...

chal will give you a call this weekend....and can you return stuff that you bought in bahrain????

Keshi said...
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Keshi said...

aww WB Satish!

Seems like u had a very busy few days there WOW! Cricket, a party, shopping and a cultural event. Nice!

yes, cleaning up is the hardest job after a massive party :)

**All other events are Bollywood based dances.

I agree. Even in Aus, whenever I go to a Desi function, MOST dances are Bolly oriented. I guess cos Bolly industry is the face of India ard the world at the moment, cos of all the movies...sadly.


Krishna Kumar said...

good one.. :-)

brocasarea said...

seems like u had a blast:)...

am eager to know...why its called chicken 6??...had heard it in Anniyan movie also...[am a veggie!]

brocasarea said...

[read my post on blog anniversary and be a part of it:)]

kayla said...

Just wanted to say thanks so much for visiting my blog it means alot. You yourself have a great blog and I look forward to reading more from you. I hope all is going well and I hope you have a happy holiday season. It is really cold out. Like 8 below zero. I can't wait for spring.

Satish Bolla said...

bhai, thanks for trying to insert all those wacky ideas into my wackiest brain. i hope u got da point.

btw, wht do u mean by "can you return stuff.."? didn't get it.

Satish Bolla said...

yes, buddy. had a very busy busy holiday.

n u r right abt the bollywood. sadly.

Satish Bolla said...

thanx thammudu

Satish Bolla said...

yes boss, we really had a blast that night.

n frankly speaking, i too don't know why they call it "chicken 65". will try to find out n let u know.

n many thanx for including me in ur anniversary post.

Satish Bolla said...

u r welcome buddy. it's all mutual in the blogging world.

anyways, i hope u find the same warmth, which's in ur family, in the climate too

ceedy said...


haha...hope you follow those wacky ideas ;)

By return stuff I in the US we go buy stuff that we dont need...just like you did and when in a few days you realize WTF you can return the items back to the store (most of them) within 14 or 30 days depepnding on the store....thats what i meant

Satish Bolla said...

gotcha. but i doubt whether that facility is here