Monday, November 10, 2008

Alvida season

Hello folks, it seems to be retirement time for everyone. Be it in the Bloggerville or the real world. First of all, it was my dear blogger brother, Samby, who chose to be silent without any prior notice. And then it was one of my favorite blogger, Sneha, who decided to call it a day here. Believe me, I'll miss her posts terribly. But, I strongly believe that they chose to say alvida after giving it a lot of thought. All the best Sneha n Samby. And Keshi frightened me with those bubye hints, but thank God, nothing happened like that.

Well, coming to the other retirements in the real world, the news of Jumbo's retirement came as a blow to us(we were in office at that time). We never expected that out-of-the-blue from him. He was a great player, who helped India win many matches single-handedly. OK, I won't write much about him as you might have read about him recently in many blogs.

Coming to the central theme of this post, it's about the man who changed the whole Indian scenario of Modern Cricket. Ya, you guessed it right. It's Savrav Ganguly, the most successful Indian Test captain of all time. It was him, who made cricket look like war(I hope all you heard those cries of victory at the famous NatWest trophy finale), it was him who brought the team under one shade after the infamous match fixing allegations, it was him who showed the world how a captain must think(I strongly believe that he brought Yuvraj, Bhajji, Dhoni n co into limelight).

Ok, now you think that am a die-hard fan of Dada(as fondly called fans). No, you are mistaken. There were days when we used to fight in college about who's great: Sachin or Saurav. I always took Sachin's side. In fact, at some point of my life, I used to hate Dada. But slowly, I started enjoying his batting. I understood his emotions, liked this tactics, savored those moments when he used to take room on the leg side n slashed the ball to the off side - I enjoyed everything. I remember those days when I used wait for spinners to take the ball and Dada take on the spinners.

Now you may ask, why am I bothered about his retirement if I'm not a great fan of his? The truth is, I come from times when children used to grow watching Sachin, Saurav, Dravid and Jumbo win matches for India. The Indian Cricket team doesn't make any sense to me if none of them are present in the team. Now, already, two of the above four people announced their retirement. And Dravid is running through a very bad phase and we may hear his retirement news soon. And Sachin, the run machine fights on.


You can check this link for the career highs n lows of Dada and this link for the overall statistics of Ganguly's career.

Btw, did I mention that I cried when I read about Pete Sampras' retirement?


brocasarea said...

very emotional...yeah we grew watching them play..gonna miss them for sure:)

Krishna Kumar said...

yea...we gonna miss Dada in a great deal...i have something in my blog,related to this...check it..!! :)

Vee... said...

i remember well, i was in my 3rd class when i first heard of the names Sourav and Rahul. They weren't yet part of the team then and I was told that these two players will make it big. And they really did! Since then I've grown up watching Sourav becoming Dada, and Rahul becoming The Wall of Indian Cricket team. Its really painful now without them! And yeah Dravid is in real bad shape. The last test against Aussies was much more worse for him, he didnt score runs and he missed a few catches also!

Keshi said...

OMG I thought u were leaving too! Thank God ur not.

Abt Samby...did he ever say he was leaving? I dun think so. I hv seen him in other blogs recently. Mebbe he's just busy.

Abt Sol...I dunno wut to say anymore. I said to her how I felt abt it, in her blog.

Abt me...I felt the pangs of leaving Blogville...cos I felt that the novelty of Blogville is no more. There's so much of ugly 'scheming' going behind the scenes..and some public cussing and ridiculing one another too. That was my last straw. I felt Blogville, that was once pure, has now become like any other thing in this got OLD n BORING n BITCHY. Sometimes we gotta leave things when they r still fresh...for if we stay longer, ppl take us for granted.

Anyways, my recent posts r a reflection of my current thoughts...i dun feel one thing and post something else altogether. Wut u see is wut get :). So, stay tuned. Im still here na? I cant cut off all of a sudden from all of u...that wont be natural. Somehow I dunno how some ppl do that - leave as if none of what was here meant anything to them. How do they do that?

And u Cricket maniac! nice tribute there to some great Indian cricketers. :)

hv a great day Satish!


Anonymous said...

I felt an emptiness when i heard abt Dada and more so wen i heard abt Kumble..

well others in blogsville :)

Anonymous said...

am not a cricket fan but i guess i can imagine what's it like to bid goodbye to a star you followed for years.!

and initially i thought thta you were going to leave the blogworld too... good it isnt the case.

Satish Bolla said...

yes boss... :(

Satish Bolla said...

we'll miss him a lot. ya, checked out ur blog

Satish Bolla said...

yes, buddy. u r right. we watcheed them grow as dad, wall whatever. felt bad for dravid in the last series. let's hope that he ends his career on a high note like dada.

Satish Bolla said...

am i leaving? no yaar, not so soon.

coming to samby, we didn't hear anything frm him for a long time and whenever i tried his number, i couldn't reach him. so i thought he left bloggerville. btw, did u see the new post of sneha in her calm frenzies blog?

n u r right abt the present situation of bloggerville. it has been polluted. let's help others to clean it.

do u like cricket, btw? i love it.

Satish Bolla said...

ya, mee too. n don't abt others here... ;)

Satish Bolla said...

how can i stop tormenting u all so soon???? i'll b here itself for a while.... ;)