Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Innocence - at it's best

If you've been sticking around my blog for quite sometime, then you know the kid in the picture. He's my dear Kashyap, my manager's son. He's now three yrs old n jus started going to some nursery. And he's one of the main reasons why I'm still in Bahrain, even though I hate this place. Am some what addicted to this guy. If I don't see him at least once in a couple of days or if I don't take him out for his chocolate shopping, I feel a void in my life. This post is about one of those incidents which made me addicted to him. This took place three nights back.
This kid got an invitation from a neighbor for a b'day party. When I went to his house on usual outings, he showed that to me and was excited abt the party as it was in McDonald's, his favorite hangout. Then I asked him(we both call each other "Uncle"), "Uncle, will you take me too?". He said he'll take me too along with him.
After that, I was not able to meet this kid for a couple of days. On the third day, I brought him to my house and we started playing our usual games while watching "Tom n Jerry" on DVD. Suddenly, I started crying(acting).
Kashyap(in his usual childish tone): "Unkal, y r u crying?"
Me: "U told me that u'll take me to McDonald's and u went without taking me".
I applied some water on my eyes(without his knowledge) and covered my eyes with my hands and started crying loud now.
K : "No unkal, don't cry. See Tommy fell down".
I didn't stop my acting
K then kept his little hands on mine, removed my hands and started wiping off my tears(water).
K : "Don't cry, unkal. I'll take u tomorrow. I'll tell to Daddy after going home to take u".
I was spell bound on seeing this act from a three-yr-old kid whom I carried on my shoulder(n still carry) for abt 2 yrs. Surely, this is innocence at its best.
Now, I understood the joy of the parenting. God, I can't wait to get married and have a couple of kids.


brocasarea said...

so cute!!....children are really innocent!!!

Swathi said...

thathasthu!!!! by 2010 u will have a wife and a kid in tow :)))

Krishna Kumar said...

sigrameva kalyaana prapthirasthu...!!

Anonymous said...

the girl who married you is gonna be one lucky and happy woman.

Sree said...

hey another tag at supersonic speed ;).. take it up when free.

Anonymous said...

Anna, first pelli chesuko taravatha pillalu gurunchi alochinchu, tondara vaddu

vere valla kids to play cheyatm chala fun :-)

Princess Mia said...

aww, cho chweet.

hope u have cute kids then.

btw have u seen the movie little rascals eh...if u havent its a muct watch for u, n lemme know if u liked it

Sree said...

right kids are a blessing... but pakkollu pillalni ettukodam anta easy kaadu ;).. be planned and prepare yourself and you will get the best.. and yeah.. seegrameva supatnee praaptirastu :)

Satish Bolla said...

yup, i love them

thanq. i hope ur blessings come true. but i doubt them to b true by 2010. i'm planning to marry in 2010

Satish Bolla said...

chinnavaallu deevinchakudadhu raa brotheru

hey, that was the best comment i've ever received. thanx alot.

Satish Bolla said...

will take it up soon

baasu, gaali antha simple gaa theesesaav

Satish Bolla said...

@princess mia
naah, didn't watch it. will check it out n let u know,

thanx akkai. mee deevenalu phalinchi meeko manchi maradalu raavalani nenu kuda aasisthunna

ceedy said...


der kis baat ki hai to phir....

Krishna Kumar said...

oh avuna...iyna nenu divinchaledanna...ala jaragalani korukuntunna ante... :)

Anonymous said...

baasu, gaali antha simple gaa theesesaav - ledu bassu

intaki pilla dorikindha :-)

how was the weekend apart from your ice cream binge??

Satish Bolla said...

ladki milna chaahiye na?

Satish Bolla said...

:) tanks

Satish Bolla said...

my weekend rocks as usual, baasu. if it doesn't rock, i rock it just the way i rock my life