Saturday, December 22, 2007

Money Matters?

We have heard the phrase “Money Matters” quite a few times. It simply means “matters involving money”. But sometimes I feel the question hitting me hard – “Does money matter?”. I’m very uncertain about the answer for this question. Sometimes, I feel that it matters and sometimes, it does not.
Let us come this way. Being an earner, I know the importance of money. Money helps you gain a particular status in the society. If it’s not for the money that you earn, many people do not even care about you. Money helps you buy importance among others. It helps you satisfy some of your dreams and wishes. Right now, I’m writing this article sitting leisurely in front of my laptop and hearing my favourite music in my home theatre. All these were not even in my distant dreams a couple of years back(when I was a non-earner). This way, money MATTERS.
Now the other way round. I want to enjoy my evenings in a peaceful rural area. I want to stay with my parents and take good care of them. I want to hang around with my childhood buddies forgetting about the rest of the world. But all these are not possible for me(at least for now), even though I’m earning more than what I need. Sometimes, I feel that it’s the money that plays spoil-sport with our dreams. I can’t buy the freshness of an evening, I can’t buy peacefulness for my soul, I can’t buy the happiness that I see in my parents eyes when I was with them, I can’t buy the freedom I’ve in the company of friends…….. This way, money DOES NOT MATTER.
Can anyone answer this question for me?

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