Sunday, August 26, 2007

Bomb Blasts in Hyderabad

On this lazy Saturday evening, I was sitting over in my couch brooding over some magazine with the television on in the background. Suddenly something flashing on the screen caught my attention and made me focus at that. It was this news about bomb blasts in Hyderabad which killed around 34 innocent people(at the time I’m writing this) in two different places. I was shell shocked as I’ve visited or I used to visit one of the places of these horrendous bomb blasts, whenever possible. It was a fast food joint called Gokul chat in Koti area. And the other was in Lumbini park where a laser show’s(which was almost like a must for visitors to Hyderabad) going on at the time of blast.

Both the above places are swarmed with innocent people every day. People who visit them are not police officers or politicians but normal people like every one of us. They never think about terrorists or bombs, never in their dreams. They are all those persons who think about the well-being of their family and who dream about tomorrow. But still they have to pay the price for the ideals of some non-idealists. The price they paid was with their priceless lives. What sin did they do, that they have to sacrifice their lives for the sake of some bastards who are out there living in the world of shit? The people who are responsible for this heinous act should just think for a moment about the people who died because of them rather than thinking about the uproar caused by these blasts (which was the ultimate outcome that they wanted). Think what happens if your father/mother/brother/sister/friend gets killed by this act? Can you reclaim their lives after your purpose is fulfilled? Can you fulfil their dreams? Can you make their dependants smile again??????

I know that this blog will definitely go unnoticed by those bastards who are responsible for these blasts but at least the people, who read this, please pray for the souls of those unlucky people who died and also pray for the change in the hearts of the people who are responsible for this.

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