Monday, December 20, 2010

Et cetera

The year is coming to an end and it has been a very busy year indeed. First of all, I got married and started experiencing new roles and responsibilities.

Also, my sister gave birth to a cute little girl very recently and made me an uncle, officially. Earlier, I used to bribe a few kids to stop them from calling me "uncle". But now, I can't do that anymore. So one more new role. I'm desperately longing to see my niece ASAP.

Office has been more n more tiring with a lot of stress these days. People are squeezing me like a lemon there. But no matter whatever they do, they surely can't get more juice out of me than what I've in me.

One big surprise for most of my oldest friends out here is that I stopped drinking(not permanently, at least). After WD came to live with me, I never even thought of having that glass of nectar... ;)

Life has been going smooth as of now. WD is visiting India this week and this will be the first time in six months that I'll stay without her.

I'll be back to my usual posting about politics, sports and movies from my next post. BTW, talking about sports, GOD has just scored a 50th century in Test Cricket. And soon after that the other GODS cried with joy and it rained. What a coincidence!!!!


ceedy said...

God to sahi ja rehela hai...and me too nectar less for a while - I suggest you drink ample water since you don't drink as if the office over squeezes you - you will get dehydration...;)

Mysterious Mia said...


it was nice reading your update. i cna imagine how life is for you now after WD, suddenly even i have become crazy busy.

glad to hear that u have been without nectar for a while....keep it up

Mysterious Mia said...


I like yur advice

Anonymous said...

Good to know that you have no more nectar in your life(as of now)..and if you've been squeezed like a lemon, i've been crunched like sugar-cane at my work :( ., hope 2011 brings super cool atmosphere at work for both of us!

Mia said...

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