Tuesday, March 09, 2010

A biggg U turn in life

I was enjoying the benefits of being single for almost all my life except for a few greenish patches scattered here and there. And suddenly, everything went haywire during my last vacation to India in November 2009. My parents are quite busy for the past few months in searching a girl for me. And on November 28th 2009, I saw Sravanthi as part of girl-looking process. This meet was arranged in so much haste that I don't even have a proper formal dress to wear. Somehow, it all went fine and we liked each other.

She is the first girl I saw in the marriage proposal stuff. As my parents liked her and her family, to be frank, I said yes to this proposal. It was like "what the hell stuff" for me. I was sure that I can live with anybody. But the next day, after I got up, I was confused. I don't know whether the entire thing that happened on the previous night was true or just a dream. It all went so fast for me to realize the reality.

But, once we started our conversations over phone and a couple of quick dates(these too are hasty) later, we realized that we are the perfect matches for each other(OK, at least I felt so). She also has almost the same interests as me, same view of life as me etc. Sadly, my stay in India was only for a few days and I have to come back before we can meet much more frequently.

Our marriage was fixed to take place on April 2nd 2010(early hours of April 3rd). Yep, I have only 3 weeks of bachelorhood left for me, and this too I'm busy with office and furnishing my flat kind-of-stuff. I had a bad sprain on my left shoulder, thanks to those cricket matches where I've been faring much better these days. Frankly speaking, I don't even have time for bachelor parties. But I have to hold a couple of those soon enough.

Back to reality, I don't want to hide anything from Sravanthi and I'm answering all her queries about my personal life. She hadn't asked about the most personal stuff till a couple of nights back.
  • She asked whether I had any affairs earlier and I had to bluff this one time and I partially answered that all those crushes are it-happened-kind-of-stuff and I was single for a really long long time.
  • She asked whether I drink and I told her that I'm a social drinker but not a drunkard. Well, some of you may have some doubts on this and I can assure you that this is what is happening for more than a year.
I think she took the affair thing casual as it's common to have crushes now and then. But looks like she felt bad for the drinks stuff. I have to assure her that I'll quit alcohol if it really bothers her. But still, this kept bugging her and I feel as if I did the wrong thing by telling the truth. I had to take a word from her not to tell anything of this to my parents or her parents.

Now folks, did I do a right thing by telling all the truth about me? I know that we are meant to share our whole life together and there shouldn't be any secrets between us, but should there be some secrets that make our married life more prosperous? Like, life would be better if those are not revealed?

Time is the only thing that answers all these questions. Meanwhile, let me enjoy what's left in my bachelor life and you too enjoy your life. You'll receive a formal invitation soon for my marriage at this very same place.


Sree said...

Congrats once again.. I knew and saw the pics :). Good luck.

WELL, you were absolutely right in what you did kiddo, no regrets. You guys have to stay together as a couple, affairs thing can be masked 'cos there were past and those actually are no longer existing but not the social alcohol stuff. Brought up makes a huge difference in how you accept other people. Perhaps drinking is a big taaboo in her view and she maybe taking some time to understand that it is just social drinking. Any girl would expect the would-be super cute impersonation of Rama the ideal marriage material but you need to accept the person as a person. She will come around dont worry.. convey things to her.. and I would say, keep things between you guys :).

brocasarea said...

u did the right thing!!..ite better to be true itself...she shall realize ur honesty too soon:)

Srikanth said...

congrats man!!! Welcome to the gang :D btw, what u did by telling the truth is right.. u will be fine