Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Am back

Hello folks, am back. In fact, I came back to Bahrain almost three weeks back, but was busy, both in and outside office.

Well, coming to my vacation, it lasted just 16 days in total, but was good enough to leave all those sweet, lingering memories for quite sometime. In fact, am still homesick!!!

The main reason for going on vacation this time, was to attend my best buddy's marriage. Boy, it was too good to be him after quite some time. This guy is a US citizen and we rarely meet, as our trips to have to coincide with each other. But we meet, somehow, at least once a year. This time, I think we spent about 4 quality days together with another good buddy of ours. Of course, this was before his marriage.

We stayed at his native village, which was so remote that no bus comes there and people have to depend on auto-rickshaws to move to some other places. Also, there's a minimum mandatory power-cut for 6 hours a day, irrespective of the season. Still, I felt as if it was the best place to live in, thanks to the plush greenish fields, pure air and some untouched hills. It was simply awesome.

The marriage went on well, except that it started raining just before the marriage(the ceremony was outdoor). Luckily, they had an empty mandap in the indoors.

Other than this, rest of my stay was at house. Who doesn't like sitting idle at home and eat food cooked my mom? I was awesome. My sister and brother-in-law came from my Bangalore during my stay and we had quite a bit of fun. Coming to my marriage, my parents asked me for my requirements(ya ya, I know that "requirements" is not a good word to use, but I'm compelled) in the girl like education etc. In fact, they pressed on me to reveal my intentions when I tried to postpone the matter. So, the official lookout has begun!!! But can I satisfy the girl's requirements? Time has to decide this.

I spent the final day in Hyderabad, meeting friends and relatives. I met one of my close friend there, whom I didn't meet in the past 3 years or so. It's good to spend some time with him and chat just as we used to do so in our engineering days.

Below are a few pics of my stay with my best buddies, Rajesh(the groom) and Hema Srinivas.

A beautiful lake near Rajesh's native place

B&W photos always makes us nostalgic. But this was a recent one

The best of friends

Dancing one the village roads during a public orchestra

Ready to roll at the marriage (did u notice that me n Hema are wearing the same shirts?)

The bride n the groom

End of the trip


Keshi said...

A warm WB to ya Satish! :)

WOW what a trip it was ha! Beautiful pics...I love love love #1! I wanna go there...will u take me Satish? ;-)

**We stayed at his native village, which was so remote that no bus comes there and people have to depend on auto-rickshaws to move to some other places

Thats the kind of place I call a real BREAK. In SL, we get many villages like that and I love going to such places. The city is so polluted and life is chaotic.

So they r looking for a bride for ya..exciting ha? :) As for 'requirements', dun worry too much...if there's a connection, the rest dun matter. Meet the girl and get to know her first. All the best too Satish!


Ramya said...

welcome back...
okka sari idhi chudandi

brocasarea said...

indeed man..when u go back to ur native[or some village] u do enjoy it...:)....and u miss those days with ur friends once u get back from there!